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China Chengdu City:

Resident People:

Location: located between 10254' - 10453' east longitude and 3005' - 3126' north latitude, and in the hinterland of China's Sichuan province.

Neighboring areas: Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guizhou, and Yunnan Provinces, Tibet Autonomous Region

Physical Features: mainly covered by plain, Min

built in 316 BC during the late Warring State Period as the Dujiangyan dam and irrigation system was put in place, Chengdu boasts a 2300 year history. In Eastern Han dynasty, the city was called Jincheng ( Brocade City). By Tang dynasty (618-907 AD), it was considered a cornerstone of Chinese society

Average Temperature: 15.5C -16.5C
Rainfall: average rainfall of 900-1,300mm annually

Mountain: Mt Qingchengshan, Mt. Emeishan

Rivers: Minjiang River, the Tuojiang River and other over 40 rivers

Products: grain, cooking oil, pork, and vegetables

Local Highlights: giant panda and golden monkey, Chuanxiu (embroidery), bamboo ware, tea

Chengdu Economy:
In accordance with the spirit of General Office of State Council¡¯s Notice on Cleaning and Consolidating Various Development Zones and Strengthening Management of Construction Land, and also combining practical conditions of Chengdu, we decide now to consolidate the existing 116 industrial development zones (park) into 21 standardized industrial development concentration zones so as to establish six industry bases of West China, to gradually form three big industrial economical regions, and to create a new situation of industrial development of Chengdu in the future.

Six Big Industry Bases
1. Electronic information industry base. Electronic information industry shall lay its emphasis layout area on Chengdu High-tech Industry Development Zone and make five urban districts as its main radiation area, exerting the advantages including concentration of high and new-technology industries, plenty resources of talents, denseness of higher education institutions and scientific research institutes, etc. The industry shall lay its emphasis of development on communication products, integrated circuit, electronic information security products, new electronic materials and components, computer software, magnetic materials, system integration and network equipments, etc. Through fostering electronic information industrial chains and improving industrial polymerization effect, it shall be constructed into a top-ranking electronic information industry base in the West.

2. Machinery (including automobiles) industry production base. By laying its emphasis of development on automobiles, engineering construction machinery, aviation and aerospace products, it shall be established into an important machinery industry production base in the West. Automobile industry shall set Chengdu Economic and Technology Development Zone as entire car and component layout area, Xindu District, Dujiangyan District, Shuangliu County, Pixian County, etc. as emphasis radiation area of automobile component products, and form a industry group through developing entire car, enlarging its match products and extending its industrial chain. We shall put great efforts on development of entire car and automobile component products, such as middle and top grade passenger car, cross-country van, saloon car, medium and heavy truck, special reequipped car, etc. and construct it into a biggest medium-size passenger car production base in the West and an important automobile component production base in the country.

Engineering construction machinery industry shall set Longquanyi District, Xinjin County, etc. as its emphasis layout area, emphasize to develop serial machinery equipments, such as mechanical loaders, hydraulic excavators, graders, spreading machines, construction tower cranes, concrete mixers, etc., and establish it into an important engineering construction machinery production base in the country.

Aviation and aerospace products shall set Qingyang District, Longquanyi District, Xindu District, etc. as its emphasis area of layout, emphasize to develop aviation and aerospace products such as aircrafts, aircraft engines, etc. and form an important production base for aviation and aerospace products in the West.

3. Medicine industry base. It shall set Chengdu High-tech Development Zone, Jinniu District, Wuhou District, Wenjiang District, Dujiangyan City, Pengzhou City, Chongzhou City, Shuangliu County, Pujiang County, etc. as emphasis layout area and be supported in technology by scientific research institutions such as Sichuan University, Chengdu University of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Chengdu Biological Product Research Institute, National Chinese Traditional Medicine Security Evaluation Center, etc.. It shall fully exert Chengdu¡¯s advantage in Chinese traditional medicine and its planting, place its emphasis on Chinese patent medicine, biological pharmacy, biomaterial, chemical medicine, and extract of natural products, etc., speed up research and development of new products, enlarge production scale, utilize the resource of Chengdu as a medicine material circulation center in the Southwest, and establish an important medicine industry base in the country.

4. Food (including tobacco) processing industry base. It shall set Jinjiang District as the layout area for tobacco industry; Jinniu District, Qionglai City, Dayi County, etc. as emphasis layout area for distilled spirit products; Longquanyi District, Wenjiang District, Pixian County, Dayi County, etc. as emphasis layout area for beverage products; Jinjiang District, Qingyang District, Wenjiang District, etc. as emphasis area of layout for milk products; Jinniu District, Longquanyi District, Wenjiang District, Xindu District, Dujiangyan City, Jintang County, Pixian County, Dayi County, Pujiang County, Xinjin County, etc. as emphasis layout area for food and famous or high quality special local product processing industry. It shall emphasize to develop famous and high quality foods, such as tobacco, distilled spirit, milk products, meat products, etc., and establish an important food processing production base in the West.

5. Metallurgy and construction material industry base. It shall set Qingbaijiang District and Jintang County as layout area for metallurgy industry and Longquanyi District, Qingbaijiang District, Pengzhou City, Chongzhou City, Shuangliu County, etc. as emphasis layout area for construction material industry, emphasize to develop prime steel products, cements, high quality float glasses and further processed glass products, stalk fiber boards, aluminium sections, new type chemical construction materials, etc. and establish an important metallurgy and construction material production base in the West.

6. Petrochemical industry base. It shall set Qingbaijiang District and Pengzhou City as layout area for chemical industry, emphasize to develop petrochemical and refine chemical products, and try to establish an important petrochemical industry production base in the West.

Three Big Industrial Economic Regions
1. High and new-tech industry concentration area. It mainly includes five urban districts and Chengdu High-tech Industry Development Zone. It shall emphasize to foster two big industry group: one is high and new-tech industry group, which shall take high-tech industry development zone as its space carrier and mainly develops high and new-tech industry, such as electronic information, biologic medicine, Chinese traditional medicine, new material industry, etc.; the other is modern city industry group coordinated with city function and ecological environment, which shall depend on metropolis¡¯ social resources, such as special information circulation, talent circulation, modern material circulation, capital circulation, industrial building, etc., and mainly develop high employment, high added value and low land usage environment-protection city greening industry including processing and manufacture, product design, technology development, etc.

2. Modern manufacture industry concentration area. It mainly includes Longquanyi District, Qingbaijiang District, Wenjiang District, Xindu District, Shuangliu District, Pixian County. This area not only can receive radiation of high and new-tech industry concentration area but also can bring along the development of feature industry concentration area. It shall selectively adopt manufacture industry coming from high and new-tech industry concentration area and some other places, and form a modern manufacture industry base with vicarious industry, complete industrial chain and high industry concentration.

3. Feature industry concentration area. It includes Chongzhou City, Dujiangyan City, Qionglai City, Dayi County, Xinjin County, Pujiang County and Jintang County. As for industry development of this area, on the one hand it can receive industry transferring from Chengdu City and its periphery areas and develop matching products; on the other hand it shall depend on its resource advantage and develop feature industry suitable to local comparative advantages in the direction of market according to practical conditions, especially in fully using the advantage of plenty of farm resources (including Chinese traditional medicine), developing leading enterprises for agriculture industrialization, and forming further processed agricultural and sideline products and Chinese traditional medicine raw material production base.

lies in subtropical humid climate with free-frost period of about 337 days and average rainfall of 900-1,300mm per year, annual average humidity is 82%, and the sunshine ratio is 28%

Chengdu Tourism:
Nated by the UN as one of the greatest natural legacies in the world. Jiuzhaigou is located in the Nanping county of Aba province which lies 450 kilomiles away from Chengdu. With the total area of over 72,000 hectares, it is named as JiuZhaigou because there were 9 ¡°Zang¡± (a Chinese clan) stockaded villages. The tourist spot is divided into 5 scenic areas including Baojing Rock, Shuzheng, Rizi, Jian Rock, Chang Sea and ZhaYu. Most of the spots are found within the 3main Y-shaped gaps. Besides, there are more than 100 highland lakes scattered like a terraced field. The turquoise water is clear and fresh. In particular, Jiuzhaigou¡¯s KeSiTe image, the magnificent waterfall and fountain are attractive sites that Jiuzhaigou is described as ¡°kingdom of fairy tale¡±.
Noted by the UN as one of the greatest legacies of ancient culture and natural landscape, Emei Mountain is situated 160 kilometers away from the southwest Chengdu. The mountain extends more than 200 kilometers and the epic reaches 3099 metres above the sea level. For tourists they can reach 3077m above the sea level. It was said that there is and old man called Old Pu in the 6th Wing Ping year of the King Ming in East Han Dynasty. One day, he saw a magic deer so he followed it to the Golden Top. The deer disappeared suddenly. Old Pu asked BaoZhang, a monk, all about it. The monk told him that Puxian Buddha has changed into a deer. Since then, Old Pu beacame a monk and worshipped Pusa. In Emei Mountain its features are craggy, the cliffs are layered and the trees are a lush green-that is why there is a Chinese saying that ¡°Emei is the most beautiful place in the world¡±.
SanXing Dui Ancient City is the eldest and largest Shu ancient city found in China. In 1986, two enormous altars from the Shang dynasty, the top copper statue of the world¡ªbronze human figures and a gold masks were found. SanXing Dui ancient city is a top attraction and is regarded as one of the biggest business cities of China.

Chengdu Attractive points:
Wuhou Temple: was built in commemoration of Zhuge Liang, the Prime Minister of the ShuHan Dynasty. In the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, it was merged with the ChaoLie Temple in commemoration of LiuBi. The temple displays the suppleness of the Chinese garden. There are numerous historical relics like horizontal cribbed boards, couplets, inscribed tablets, penmanship, furnaces, Chinese tripods, etc. The SanJui (Three-Bests) horizontal inscribed board, Zhuge Liang¡¯s Lung Gun couplets, Chu Si Biao and the tomb of LiuBi are themost famous one.

A monk from the Tang Dynasty realized that the river could flood and many people could die, managed to raise money to build this huge statue to save people¡¯s lives. The construction has lasted for 90 years. The tall statue looks calm, peaceful and majestic. It is regarded as a world record-breaking masterpiece and is also the biggest stone crafted statue in the world. It is noted by the UN as one of the greatest legacies of ancient culture and natural landacape.

Zhaojue Temple: Situated in the Northern rural area of Chengdu, this place is the First Wood in the West of Sichuan. The temple played a vital role in the history of Chinese Buddhism. Many heavenly masters are from the temple. Nowadays many Southeast Asian Buddhist Temples take Chaojue Si as the supreme temple.

Qingcheng Mountain, one of the birthplaces of Taoism, a place of an integration of the religious culture and natural scenery. In 2000, Qingcheng Mountain was listed in the UN Educational scientific and cultural Organization¡¯s List of World Heritage.

35 kilometers from chengdu, Dujiangyan is the oldest large-scale water conservancy project in China, a major historical site under state protection, as well as a national scenic area, characterized by its well-known irrigation system. Known as a ¡°field Museum of lrrigation Works¡±, Dujianyan was listed in the UN Education scientific and cultural Organization¡¯s List of World Heritage in 2000.

Wenshu Yuan is the best preserved temple in Chengdu, located at Minshu Yuan Street north of Chengdu. 450 Buddha statues made with copper, metal, Tuosa wood stone and painted ones are displayed. The most precious relics include the crown bone of the Yuanzhuang Priest from the Tang Dynasty, BeiYi Jing from India, Liujin Jingtung from Japan produced in 761 BC, paintings and penmanship from Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, etc.

The Flowing-water Garden: As of now it is the first urban ecological environment garden centered on water in the world. With natural ecology as the theme, the garden comprises of a central park, sculptures and fountains, natural ecological river dam, relocated natural vegetation of the E¡¯mei Mountain, the ¡°Yellow Dragon Color Pool¡± with dozens of water plants and appreciative fishes.
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