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China Haikou City:

Resident People:

General Information:
Haikou is the capital city of Hainan Province, in the north part of Hainan Island. The widest river Nandu River is rushing into the sea from the east side of Haikou city.

Haikou is located in the southernmost part of China, in an area that reaches from Zengmu Ansha in the south to the Qiougzhou Straits in the north; bordering the sea areas south of China Sea and facing Viet Nam in the west across Beibu Bay.

Haikou is located in the north part of low latitude tropical zone; monsoon climate, frost-free period of 346 days; no severe coldness in winter.
Average Temperature: 23.8C annually with the highest of 28.0C and the lowest of 18.8C

Binhai Park
A modern amusement park in Haikou with various entertainment facilities to attract visitors, especially children and the youth.
The Evergreen Park
A large urban grassland and public plaza with tropical scenery. There are tropical plants, beaches and recreational centers. Most activities celebrating the New Year, the Spring Festival, the Labor's Day, the National Day, the Mid-autumn Day and the Lantern Festival are held here.
Haikou People's Park
It is a upland garden with a platform shape. There are 4000 kinds of tropical and subtropical plants as well as mini zoos, orchid gardens and leisure facilities. It is also a patriotism education base in Hainan with the People's Hero Monument and the Sculpture of General Feng Baiju.
The Crater Park
One of the most well preserved craters in the world. There are dozens of extinct craters in and around the park that erupted 27000 to 1 million years ago. It is called by the rockies as the largest crater museum.
Jinniu Mountain Park
It contains two parts, a tropical arboretum and a tropical zoo. In the arboretum, there are artificial lakes, tropical forests, orchard and bamboo trees. In the zoo, there are 9 kinds, 500 more species of animals. The scenery there with verdant trees all year round and tempts the visitor to loiter.
Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Preserve
Mangrove is a kind of special evergreen arbors on tropical and subtropical coastline with the highest up to 10 meters. The preserve is the first one in China with a total length of 50 kilometers and a total area of 4000 sq km.
Underwater Villages
On July 13, 1605, a catastrophic earthquake attacked resulting in 72 villages submerged about 3 to 4 meters under the sea occupying an area of more than 100 sq km. Every May or June, if you go there on a boat, you can see dimly the villages of the ancient times sleeping quietly in the water.
Yulong Spring Scenic Spot
It is located in the natural primitive forest preserve at Yulongquan, Yangshan, west of Qiongshan. It has gained a reputation as the West Lake in Hainan for the well-preserved craters, large area of primitive forest and beautiful lakes and mountain sceneries. It is a good place for tourists to perform exploration, take a leisure and intone poems.
Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park
A wildlife park, with 200 kinds and thousands of precious wild animals, was built for the aim of protecting, breeding, researching and appreciating wildlife. Here, tourists can watch various kinds of wild animals and birds in cars or by walking. There are the largest artificial monkey hill and the largest non-prop-up bird garden in Asia.

Except the breathtaking scenery, Haikou is also a paradise for gourmets with fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood available all over a year thanks to the unique natural conditions.
In Haikou you can have a taste of many different kinds of food including the Four Dishes in Hainan Known as Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck, Hele Crab and Dongshan Lamb, 8 styles of Chinese food and foreign flavored cuisines.
Only in Jinlong Rd. 20 more restaurants serve Sichun, Hunan, Guizhou, Beijing, Anhui, Xinjiang, Jianshu, and Jiangxi styles of food.
The most famous food in Haikou is natural seafood. The seafood restaurants can be found in South Longkun Rd., Xinbu Island and on the bank of Nandujiang River.

Haikou Economy:
As Haikou is the capital of Hainan Province, which is the largest special zone in China; it is center of politics, economy, and culture. The establishment of Hainan as a special zone turns Haikou to be the front of the national reform and opening from a frontier small city, and give birth to Haikou tourism which then ranks among the ¡°famous tourism cities in China¡±.

Traced back to the Western Han (110 B.C.), once called "Haikoupu"(Song dynasty); Haikou was established as a county in the Ming dynasty and opened to abroad in the Qing dynasty.

Advanced Transportation Facilities Extend in All Directions
As a seashore city, Haikou mainly depends on a few sea routes and ferry connecting with the mainland before the establishment of Hainan Province, which made it inconvenient to get out and in of the city to the mainland and to other place in the island. However, after1988 the communication conditions changed completely resulting in a fast and efficient transportation network by sea, on land and by air.
Sea Transportation
Since most part is enclosed by the sea, Haikou has many harbors along the coast forming a network of waterway in transportation of passengers and goods. Ports in Haikou are Xiuying Port, Xingang Port. Passenger ships in of these ports navigate to Haian, Xuwen, Zhanjiang, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, towns and cities of Guangdong, and to Beihai in Guangxi. Princess Minghui, the luxurious ocean liner and Lion Star, the largest ocean liner in Asia travel regularly to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and the countries in South-East Asia. The annual number of passenger is more than 4 million.
Railway Transportation
The Guangdong to Hainan Ferry Railway has been put in use recently with railroads along the island being in use at the same time, which will certainly accelerate the development of the railway communication. The Ferry Railroad can exrend north to Xianggui, Jiaolu and Jingguang Railroad Lines passing by the Lizhan Railrosd Line, west to Nankun Railroad Line passing the Xianggui Railroad Line, east to Jingjiu and Guangmei Railroad Lines passing by Hemao Railroad Line and even to Luoyang to Zhanjiang Railroad Line in the central inland area. This means trains can travel from Haikou to all the important cities in China.
Parallel with Phenix Airport, Meilan International Airport, only 18 kilometers from Hikou, is one of the Top Eight in China as an important one both in the south and in the country. It is applicable for Boeing 747-400 airplanes. These two airports together connect 88 domestic and 21 foreign airlines of the main cities in China and Capitals of Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries.

Haikou Tourism:
At present, Haikou is a well-known place for travelling all over the country. With the increasing tourists and income from year to year, tourism becomes one of the three supporting industries.
Every year, Haikou attracts plenty of investors and tourists both from domestic and overseas. They do business, traveling and relaxation here. They play golf and bowling, go to boating, stay on the beach, swim in the sea and enjoy their lives, or roam around Jinnuling Park, Binhai Park, Evergreen Park and People's Park to enjoy themslves with the favorable tropical scenery.

Recreation, leisure, sports, massage, and other kinds of facilities are all in Haikou to render visitors with qualified service. One can sing in a nightclub, dance in a disco, drink in a pub, play games in a computer bar, cruise on the sea, chat in a bar or just walk leisurely on the beach.

Hainan boasts for its rich and souvenirs as a paradise for tourists. As a capital of Hainan, Haikou gathers all what are famous in Hainan. In the following only some special products and souvenirs are introduced for visitor's acquaintance.
Hainan Coffee
It was introduced from Malaysia and Indonesia in 1887 by overseas Chinese and was Planted mainly in Chengmai, Qiongzhong and Wenchang.
Hainan Peppers
One of the special products in Hainan known as a famous flavoring in the world. There are two kinds of peppers: the white peppers are seeds of ripe fruits with a light color: the black peppers are dried raw fruits with dark color. Peppers can be used in both medicine and food. In the traditional Chinese medicine, peppers are good for stomach diseases, Stewed stomach of pig's with peppers cn cure chronic stomach diseases.
Four Famous Traditional Chinese Medicines
Hainan is also called a natural farm of medical herbs, where some 3000 kinds of medical plants grow, among which 50 more are in common use. Betelnut, Aloubua, Oxyphylla, Amomum villosum lour and Morinda officinalis are the most famous in China. Betelnut is good for clearing the digestive system; Aloubua oxyphylla is good for spleen and extract; Amomus villosm is good for easing the pains, and Morinda officinalis good for strength.
Shopping streets:
Haixiu Rd.
One of the most flourishing shopping areas where Hainan First Department Store, Pearl Plaza, Le Pusheng Shopping Mall and Golden Century Shopping Mall are located.
West Jiefang Rd.
A street that is famous for the sales of clothes, watches, leathers, jewelries, videos and disks.
South Xinhua Rd.
A street that is famous for sales of household appliances.
South Boai Rd.
A street that is famous for sales of articles for daily use.
South Longkun Rd.
A road that is famous for seafood and entertainment.
Binhai Rd.
A road that is boasting for both accommodation and shopping with breathtaking coastal sightseeing where Hainan Shengsheng Department Store.
Desheng St.
A walking street that is famous for wholesale of clothes, merchandise for daily use and relaxed walking.

Tender Boiled Wenchang Chicken
This kind of chicken grows in Tanniu, Gongpo of Wenchang City. Before cooking the chicken, the local people, will feed the chicken in a case with coconut, peanut, rice and potatoes together with sulfur. Thus when eating, you can find the chicken very delicious, crisp and fresh.
Jiaji Duck
The duck grows in Jiaji Town, Qionghai City. It is said that overseas Chinese introduced the duck from Malaysia, so it also has a nickname as Foreign Duck. This kind of duck contains rich protein, low fat, rich amino acid and vitamins as a healthy diet.
Dongshan Lamb
A kind of black lamb grows on Dongshan Mountain, Wanning City, which is good at jumping and climbing hills. It eats camellia and orchis; it drinks in springs; it sleeps in caves. Thus the lamb is famous for natural nutrition. The traditional and most delicious dish id to boil the lamb, eating the fresh mutton and drink the milky soup.
Hele Crab
This crab, produced in Hele, Wanning, is famous as sea-ear and sea pumpkin. Autumn is the best season for eating crab. In this time, nobody can resist to eat the rich fat and loose meat of Hele Crab. Its distinguished features are the red shell, the orange fat and the white meat.
Native Snacks
A diversity of local snacks can be found in Haikou Tourism Belt, different cities and couties have different dainty snacks that are also very famous. There are the baked porker in Lingao, the water spinach in Duowen, the goose in Chengmai, the lamb in Shishan, the Honey Sliced Pogeon, the fish and ostrich in Nanli Lake of Dingan, the carp of Wanquan River in Qionghai, the deer in Fengmu of Tunchang, the glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves in Danzhou, the meat of dog in Nada, etc..
In addition, anything you can find in Haikou where various kinds of restaurants and hotels serve almost all kinds of food in China.
Tropical Fruits
There are 53 famous tropical fruits growing in Hainan Island in four different seasons. However, the coconut has the greatest reputation. Foodstuff made of coconuts, natural bananas, pineapples, mangoes and watermelons sell well throughout China and in Japan, South Korea, Russia and other countries and regions. In recent years, averrhoa.
Haikou Aquatic Products
As a city surrounded by sea, Haikou benefits from extremely abundant marine resources with more than 800 precious fishes. Good fingerlings include Lutianus sanguineus, Spanish mackerel, abalone, hairtail, grouper, peneus, blue, crab, cockler, clam, oyster, etc.. Abalone is the most precious seafood in China for it contains a variety of vitamins witch have special effects in treating liver diseases. On any bazaar in Haikou Tourism Belt, fresh and dry seafood can be found to meet visitor's demands.
Baisha Green Tea
Grow Baisha Green Tea Grows in a special environment with unique faint scent and moist green color. People favor it not only for the scent, but also for the effect in maintaining health such as resisting cancer.

Haikou Culture:
Qiongtai Academy of Classical Learning
Being built in 1705 to memorialize the famous scholar Qiu Jun or Ming Dynasty, was one of the best academies in Qing Dynasty. In the period of Yongzheng, the story that a student named Xie Bao let a maligned maid and a scholar escaped, showing that scholars had the courage to resist the people who were in power.

Haikou Attractive points:
Dongjiao Coconut Plantation
To visit Dongjiao (Dongjia Yelin) coconut plantation, visitors will have to take a twenty-minute ferry from Qinglan Harbour. This plantation has 500,000-coconut trees of various varieties of coconut species. Tracking through small footpath among the coconut palms, you will find it cozy and relaxing. Elegant log huts are built under the shady trees for tourist to rest.
Standard rooms complete with simple stylish furniture and amenities are available for retreats. It is a best place for resting and outing with a friend and families, and has a cup of tea under the shady palm.
Beach resorts with deluxe chalets and villas is being developed this area. The restaurants are well known for their seafood cuisine. Beach and water sports with sun bathing amenities is also available but at a little higher price.
Hairui Tomb
The Tomb of Hairui can be found in the west of the Haikou town. Hairui (1514 - 1587) was a compassionate and popular officer who lived during the Ming Dynasty. He is famous for his righteousness and royalty. Later he was being persecuted and was out of the emperor's favor and was exiled to Hainan Island. After his death, those people who admire his good works build a tomb for him. It was said that during Hairui's funeral possession, while his coffin is been carried and was passing the village, the rope suddenly broke, it was claimed that it was Hairui own chosen burial ground.
So the people decided to build Harui's tomb on the particular spot. At the entrance to the tomb is a stone archway with scarlet inscriptions says "Yuedong ZhengQi". Leading to the tomb is a hundred-meter paved walkways, lines with finely carved stone statues (it is normal that most mausoleums in China have such a sacred way to honor a person). The tomb is a semi globe shape brick structure resting on a hexagonal marble pedestal. It covers an area of 7.4 acre. A stone tablet with Hairui's title inscripted on it was erected on the tomb. Ancient trees such as coconut trees, casuarinas, and cypresses are planted around the area and a museum nearby exhibits the biography of Hairui's life and some materials concerning him.
During the Cultural Revolution, the tomb was nearly torn down but now has been tastefully restored to its former glory.
Wugong Temple (Five Officials' Temple)
Wugong Temples is located at the southeast part of Haikuo city. Wugong Temples is a complex of five traditional temples and halls. The buildings were built during the reign of Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty to commemorate the five well-known officials of the Tang and Song dynasties. Through different dynasties period, restoration and extension works were carried out to this temple complex with the inclusion of gardens, ponds and pavilions to beautify the complex compound.
The five temples forming the whole complex are the Wugong Temple, Songgong Temple, Guanjia Temple, Xuepu Temple, Wugong Jingshe and the Qiong Garden. Inside Wugong Temple is a stone tablet craved with unique Chinese calligraphy inscriptions of Emperor
Huizong's rescript from the Song Dynasty. Songgong Temple was built to commemorate Su Shi and his brother Su Zhe. Tablets of stones with inscriptions of his poems and essays were found here.
Today it is a quiet place for couples and families to escape the city crowds.
The Memorial Temple for the Five Officials
Built in Wangli period of Ming Dynasty, the temple was to memorialize the five famous officials, namely, Mr. Li Deyu, Li Guang, Zhao Ding and Hu Quan, who were exiled to Hainan in Tang and Song Dynasty. The temple is a block of ancient buildings known as the First Cultural Relic in Hainan.
Lingshan Temple
Located in Lingshan Town, Meilan, Haikou with a total area of 16800 Mu. The temple is known as the First Buddhist Temple in Hainan to provide tourists a cultural place.
The Ancient Battery at Xiuying
It was built in 1891 to resist the French intruders. There are 5 batteries laid in the east and the west in parallel, a command office, barracks and maidens. The battery is called one of the Four Batteries in China together with Humen, Wusong and Dagu batteries. Within the scenic spot, the shadow of the ancient trees and solid walls, it shows an air of awfulness, solemnness, significance and formidability.
Hai Rui Park
It is built in 1589, consisting of a tomb, access, a house and exhibition hall. It is now a national relic to memorialize Mr. Hai Rui, a famous straightforward and justicial official of Ming Dynasty who was born in Qiongshan, Hainan.
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