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Shenyang Travel China, Shenyang Tour Guide

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China Shenyang City:

Resident People:
Population: 6.73 million
Urban Population: 4.76 million

General Information:
Shenyang is the biggest center city in northeast China. It has within its jurisdiction 9 districts,3 ounties,1city and 5 development zones .Here live more than 40 nationalities such as the Han ,the Man ,the Korean,the Hui,the Xibo,the Mongolian and So on.Its total population is 7,369,000 among which town population is 4,884,000. It covers an area of 13,000 km 2 .

Unique Regional Advantages Shenyang lies between north latitudes 41¡ã11'51" and 43¡ã13", between east longitudes122¡ã25F9" and 123¡ã48' 24" and in the center of Liaoning Province .It is the center of Northeast Asia and the hinterland of Liaotung Peninsu1a. Within a 150km radius taking Shenyang as the center. there are a group of industrial cities with rich resources and profound power AnShan , Benxi Fushun ,Liaoyang,Tieling,Yingkou (by Alphabetic order),which form a race city cluster in the world alian Port ,the New Yingkou Port and Jinzhou Port are no more than 400km to Shenyang.

Shenyang lies on the boundary between the Liao Plain and the tail of the Changbai Mountains. In the west. There is a plain stretching to the horizon; and in the east, there are a lot of mountains with verdant grass and trees. Shenyang has a semiwetness continent climate of the north temperature zone and it has concentrated precipitation and distinct seasons because of the monsoon. Its annual average temperature is 8.3¡æ, the lowest temperature is -28.5¡æ and the highest temperature is 36.1¡æ. Its annual rainfall is 501.5mm and the non-frost period is 183 days. In winter, Shenyang is covered by snow; in spring, it has booming flowers and singing birds, in summer, it owns verdant grass and tress; and in autumn, it possesses clear sky and pleasant air.

The forests in Shenyang cover an area of 147,000 ha. and the grasslands cover 82,000 ha.. Shenyang's water gross is 3.26 billion m3, among which the surface water is 1.14 billion m3 and the ground water is 2.12 billion m3. There are 36 varieties of mines found in Shenyang, among which, 13 varleties have been proved up the reserves, the reserves of coal are 2 billion tons and the reserves of natural gas are 10.7 billion m3.

Shenyang Economy:
In the recent year, the civilian economy of shenyang has developed rapidly. The industrial scope and investment field are enlarging. Comparing that in the last year, the civilian economy in 2003 increased 16.6%, taking up 54% of Shenyang GDP. The total economy value of the civilian economy has taken up half of that of Shenyang . By now ,there have been 230,000 individual-owneden and private-owned enterprises in Shenyang , among which there are 150 enterprises with the production value over 50 million YUAN, 90 enterprises with the production value over 100 million YUAN and 3 enterprises with the production value over 1 billion YUAN. Yuanda, Heguang, Shenyang Spring, Jiyin and so on have been Top 500 civilian enterprises of China. the municipality-level brand products of the civilian enterprises in

Some Big ¨Csize Civilian Enterprises of Shenyang

ShenyangYuanda Aluminum industry Group Co. ,Ltd Shenyang Heguang Group Ltd
Shenyang Zhenghao Enterprise Group Shenyang Dongyu Group Ltd
Shenyang Continent Enterprises Group Ltd ShenyangBeitai Direction Group Ltd
Shenyang Hongfa Group Furniture Co.,Ltd Shenyang Min An Group
Shenyang Fangyuan luminum Industrial Group Shenyang Yuteng Group
Shenyang Spring Department Store Co. ,Ltd Shenyang Jiyin Enterprise

Shenyang ¡®s target is to set up a new industrial city. It will forcefully adjust the industrial structure, quicken to cultivate a backbone industry cluster, forcefully develop the five industries of automobile and parts, equipment manufacture, electronic information ,chemical ant pharmacy, produce processing and, according to the demands of industry informationization and ecologicalization, speed to reconstruct the traditional industry with hi-tech and advanced application technology, so as to find a new industrialization way of hi ¨Ctech, good economic benefits, low resources consumption, small environment pollution and human resources brought into full play.

Shenyang Tourism:
Shenyang is the well-known historical and cultural city of China and is one of the cities to be named as tourism city earliest. Now, there are more than 1,100 surface and underground culture relics and historic sites and more than 200 scenic spots of nature and human. Here, in Shenyang, the four seasons are clear, mountains and rivers gathers together and the city and the buildings in the city are flourishing and beautiful.

Human Sights: Human sights include Xinle Site, which is the tribe site of the female-oriented society of the Neolithic Period more than 7,200 years ago, the well-kept imperial palace cluster-Shenyang imperial Pa|ace; the tombs of the two founders of the Qing Dynasty-Fu Tomb and Zhao Tomb, General Zhang Xueliang's former residence-Zhang Family Commander Mansion, the rare engine museum; the dustless and clear Sariputra Tower , four towers and four temples in the early Qing Danysty, Yong'an Bridge, Yemaotai Liao Bomb Cluster and many religiona| sites etc.

Natural Sights: The natural sights in Shenyang include Qipan Mountains Scenic Spot with the functions of tourism, holiday and entertainment, the Old Meteorite fell from the sky 1.9 billion year before; Shenyang Strange Slope, which needs no energy for climbing but needs energy for coming down; Shenyang West Lake, which is with thousands of mu lotuses in blossom as we|l as Shenyang Arboretum, Shenyang National Forest Park and Wuli River Park etc.

Besides, the surroundings of Shenyang have rich tourism resources, for example, the state-level scenic spot, Qian Mountain, the biggest jade Buddha, Anshan Jade Buddha Garden in the world, the biggest water cave, Benxi Water Cave, one of the biggest reed seas and swamps, Panjin Red Beach, the vast water surface, Sarhu scenic spot, the Liao Dynasty White Tower, Yong Tomb and Hetuala Old City and etc.

Xinle Site

Xinle Site is the tribe site of the female-oriented society of the Neolithic Period more than 7,200 years ago. There are thousands of cultural relics unearthed such as stoneware, bone ware, wood ware, coal article and so on and the ancient houses, among which Wood-Sculptured Bird is the earliest cultural relic in Shenyang, as well the longest reserved wood sculpture artwork in the world.

Cien Temple

Cien Temple was established in the Tang Dynasty. It sits in the west and faces the east. The buildings in it are divided into three parts, including the Mountain Gate, Tianwang Palace, Daxiong Palace, Biqiu Altar, Scripture Building, Ruyi room, Abbot House, Pattering hall and so on. Cien Temple is one of the four Buddhism activity sites and the biggest temple of Buddhism in Shenyang, as well as the site in which Shenyang Buddhism Association is located. The temple is centuries-old and due to the attractive, numerous and well-preserved josses, ceremony ware, and so on it, the temple is the key temple of China .

Taiqing Palace

Taiqing Palace was established in 1663. lt sits in the north and faces the south. It includes Lingguan Palace, Official House, Guandli Palace, Pattering Hall, Laojun Palace, Yuhuang Building, Luzu palace, Sanguan Palace, Qiuzu Palace and so on. Taiqing Palace was the activity place of the Taoism in the past and now is the place where Liaoning and Shenyang Taosim Committee are located, as well as the key temple of Taoism in China.

Shisheng Temple

Shisheng Temp|e was established in 1636. It was built under the order of Qing Taizong Huangtaiji, thus is called Imperial Temple. It is the earliest and the biggest Tibet Buddhism temple. The temple sits in the north and faces the south. There are Tianwang Palace, Daxiong Palace, Mahagela Buddhism Building, Tower Court, Bell and Drum Building, Stele Building, Official House and so on in it, among which Mahagela Buddha Building has ever had Mahagela Golden Buddha oblated in it. In 1946, the golden Buddha was stolen and has found by now, which become an important historical case. Tolling Bell Imperial Temple was one of the Eight Sights of the old Shenyang.

Four Towers and Four Temples in the early Qing Dynasty

The four towers and temples are namely the west tower, YongguangTemple, the south tower, Guangci Temple, the west tower, Yanshou Temple, the north tower, Falun Temple. They were founded in 1643. They are all about 2.5km far from the Shengjing City, Shenyang and shining with the decoration of the buildings in the city. They are of the vigor of ¡°The imperial palace is big and the four towers are grand ¡±. The four towers are of the same style, are made up of base, body and top and are more than 26m high. Among the four towers, only the north tower is well reserved and in it was built Shenyang Stele Forest. The east and the south tower have only left a white tower. The west tower was reconstructed in1998.

The South Islamic Temple

The South Islamic Temple was established in 1636 and broadened in 1662. It sits in the west and faces the east. On its axes, there are the mountain gate, the second gate, the assistant mansion, the palace and the moon building, in the center is the palace and in the surroundings are the scripture house, auxiliary house, lady temple, bathroom, dead body bath room and so on. It shows completely the style of Islam. It is the site in which the South Islam Association is located.

Nanguan Catholicism Church

Nanguan Catholicism Church was established in 1878 by a French clergyman. It sits in the north and faces the south and is the typical Hunter building. The two bell towers are 40 m high and the halls inside are 20m high, supported by 24 granite pillars. The halls are unique and can hold more than 1,000 people for worship.

Dongguan Church

Dongguan Church was established in 1876. It is the oldest Protestantism church with the most people in Northeast China. It is a grand building of green bricks and west style. The major worship hall was founded in 1907 and broadened in 1992. In 1998, another assistant hall was built, which can hold more than 5,000 people.

Shenyang Culture:
Shenyang has 5 professional art performance groups, more than 40 spare-time art performance groups and their performances include Peking Opera. Appraisal Opera, Drama, Acrobatics, Singing and Dancing, Chinese Folk and so on. Han Shaoyun, Hua Shulan, You Junting, Chi Xiaoqiu, LXiaohe and Sun Haiying are the players well-known at home and abroad. They have produced many well-known arts such as Midnight Crescent. Tian Huan and so on, which have got big awards at home and abroad. Tian Huan by Shenyang Acrobatics Group has won the favors of the audience from South America. Europe, Southeast Asia and so on, and is called as ¡°art from other celestial body¡±. This group has got many awards at ¡°Tomorrow¡± Acrobat Festival of France.

Altogether, Shenyang has 22 big cultural plazas, 300 medium and small cultural plazas. It holds at least 1,200 activities of singing, dancing and etc each year. Qing Culture Festival and Lunar New Year Light Festival have become the popular traditional activities. The folk arts with local features and wide population base, such as ,the Sowing Song of Northeast China. ¡°Two People Turning¡± ¨Ca folk performance. And so on are booming. The Qing Culture Festival such as Royal Etiquette Parade, Qing Verve and so on are attractive to all tourists at home and abroad every year. Shenyang has 20 public libraries, 15 mass cultural houses, more than 20 theaters and over 600 cinemas, which become the major places for the mass to have culture activities and culture consumption.

Shenyang is having more and more cultural exchanges with other countries and regions. In the recent years, many art groups successively from US, Austria, Japan, Russia, Yugoslavia, UK, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so on have come to Shenyang for performances and shows.

Shenyang has 3 publishing houses, producing over 1,000 kinds of books most of which are loved by the readers at home and abroad. Shenyang has more than 1,100 book and magazine wholesaler and retailers, about 300electronic publishing and operating units. There are more than 100,000 kinds of books shown on ¡°Shenyang Book Market¡± each July, which has wide inf1uence in society.There are more than 2,300 printing enterprises and operation shops in Shenyang. Shenyang No.2 Printing Factory and so on have passed the International Quality System Certification: ISO9000.

Shenyang has about 20 media with more than 3,000 employees and millions of readers and audience. Shenyang Daily Group has 6 newspapers, 2 magazines and 1 website. Shenyang Daily,Shenyang Evening and Shenyang Today are loved by the readers in Shenyang.

ShenyangRadio has news, economy, communications, arts and sports broadcasts, owning broadaudience. Shenyang TV has news, comprehensive, movie, sports and life channels, which have big influence in Shenyang.

Fair Exhibition:
Shenyang¡¤China International horticultural exposition 2006

On 1 st September 2004, Shenyang was officially approved to hold 2006 China Shenyang International Horticultural Exposition (category: A2+B1, professional international Expo) at the 56 th conference of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH). The Expo will take place from May 1 st to October 31 st , 2006, altogether 184 days. Sponsored by People's Government of Liaoning Province, Ministry of Construction of P. R. China, Ministry of Commerce of P. R. China, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), China Flowers Association, and the Expo is to be organized by People's Government of Shenyang and co-organized by Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture and Chinese Association of Park. The Expo will be held in Shenyang Qipanshan Tourism Resort. With the completed South Zone and the North Zone that is under construction in Shenyang Botanic Garden as core areas, the construction for the International Expo will be undertaken and extended to the east and south. The total planned area is more than 5 sq. km, which occupies the largest area compared with previous International Expos.

The construction for the International Expo will be divided into two blocks, Gardening Zone and Entertainment Zone, which is consisted of four parts:

? Gardening show

This is the core of the International Expo, which will be designed and developed further to the satisfaction of AIPH. The construction includes square at the main entrance, 2 outdoor gardens (International Garden and Domestic Garden), 2 indoor exhibition halls (Comprehensive Hall and Tropical Rainforest1 Hall), 20 theme gardens, Feature Flower Street and Green Valley.

? Leisure and Entertainment

An entertainment zone will be constructed in the extended area in the east of the Botanic Garden, which will be decorated with flowers, grass and trees, integrating art of gardening with leisure and entertainment, materializing a larruping style of gardening. The landmark architecture is the big performance square, agricultural gardens of different countries, amusement park, children's elysium £¬ miniature of world landmarks, world custom street and movie city, etc.

? Comprehensive service

This part will be integrated into the landscape architecture, which includes tourist reception center, large parking lot, souvenir shop, flower trade center, food street, caf¨¦ and bar, etc.

? Exhibition and activities

Colorful activities of variety will be organized to attract tourists from home and abroad, including celebrations, performance, exhibition and trade, academic exchange £¬ contest and awarding and entertainment, etc.


We coexist harmoniously with nature

We, together with the nature, constitute the world. Human, blessed with thinking, wisdom and emotion; nature, made up of grass and woods, animals, mountains and waters are all living creatures. We are environment for each other. Harmony makes coexistence possible and coexistence makes future bright.

¡°Harmoniously Coexistence with the Nature¡± is our allegation, beckon and stance. It is a great wisdom of promoting Material and Spiritual Civilization with Eco-Civilization and it is the foundation for the sustainable development of human being.

Location of the Expo

2006 China Shenyang International Horticultural Exposition will be held in Shenyang Qipanshan International Scenery & Tourism Development Zone, 20km from the urban area. With Shen-Qi highway (6 lanes), Ma-Song highway, Ji-Xi adjusted highway, Shen-Fu North and Shen-Fu railway meet in this area, the transportation is convenient.

Qipanshan International Scenery & Tourism Development Zone, covers an area of 190 sq. km. Beautiful sceneries changing with times are called by tourists ¡°the original copy of traditional Chinese landscape painting¡±. The Expo will be held in the center of the previous Shenyang Botanic Garden, covering 2.46 sq.km of land as the core area and, 5 sq.km as the background zone.

The background Zone of the Expo

The background area is to be connected with the Hunhe water system and the core area of the Expo, including an island of 0.6 sq.km. The background area will be built into an ecological zone, and the island will be built for bird protection

Core area of the Expo

Shenyang Expo will cover 246 ha. of land, which occupies the largest area compared with previous International Expos.
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