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China Urumqi City:

General Information:
Urumqi is the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The city lies west of Bogda Mountain(part of the Tianshan Range) and at the southeastern edge of Junggar Basin. For over two thousand years, the area around Urumqi has been lush pastures populated by many minorities who herded sheep and cattle, Urumchi actually meaning "beautiful pastures" in Mongolian.

Urumqi is the "Shining Pearl On the Ancient Silk Road" that is translated as "a beautiful prairie" from the Mongolian language. The breathtaking views and sweet smell of fruits drift in the air to make Xinjiang a special place beyond the Great Wall. In recent years, it has become a unique destination for business and leisure to facilitate an exchange between East and West which has become a melting-pot for all nationalities.

Xinjiang boasts roasted whole sheep, kebab, thin-skinned steamed buns with stuffing, baked steamed buns with stuffing, fried rice eaten with bare hands. deep-fried tazi, deep-fried nang and other dishes typical of Xinjiang style. Nanshan Pasture mare's milk, dried sour cheese, butter and mutton are also the favoured food in this region.
Xinjinag abounds in fruits and melons. Most famous of them are seedless white grapes, Korla fragrant pears, Hami melons, Yining apples and so on. Hami melon is one of the famous melons in China and it used to be a tribute for the umperial court. It is big in size, sweet, delicious, crisp and juicy, containing as much sugar as 12-14%. Seedless white grapes are noted for their large clusters and small fruit which are fat, juicy, sweet and delicious. From these grapes are made Xinjing Raisins of China famous both at home and abroad. Xinjiang is also one of the major wool-producing areas in China.
Location: located between 8637' - 8858' east longitude and 4245' - 4408' north latitude, deeply lies in the hinterland of continent, and in the middle--northern of Tianshan Range, the south edge of Zhunger Basins

Neighboring areas: Gansu province and Qinghai province, Tibet Autonomous Region

Physical Features: mostly covered by mountains with west part featured as vast plain area

Population: 1.5 million
Urban Population: 1.08 million
Area: 12,000 sq km

Nationalities: Uigur, Han, Hui, Manchu, Kazakstan, Xibe, Russia, Tatar and Mongolian

History: a pasture land in ancient times; troops stationing in the Urumqi area in the Tang dynasty; set up as a city during the Ming dynasty; in 1884, established as the capital of Xinjiang province

Climatic Features: belongs to semiarid continental climate of middle temperate zone, temperate difference between day and night; shorter spring and autumn and longer winter and summer; frost-free period of 179 days and 2821 hours sunlight annually

Average Temperature: 6.4C
Rainfall: average annual of 236mm

Products: crops, grains, vegetable oil, vegetables, melons and grapes

Urumqi Economy:
Since the foundation of Peoples republic China and especially the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, under the correctly lea- ding of People's government and Party Committee of autonomous region, e- very nation people of Urumqi city Persisted in observing the guiding of Mr.D- eng's socialist theory of constructing owning Chinese feature ,performing the party's basic way ,deepening reformation ,expanding open Policy and prom- oting the economical and social development,the face of city has hugely cha- nged. In the year of 1992,our city entered the ranks "China 50 strongest city of synthetic economical strength",the position is 24th. In the year of 1998,the city fulfilled the total output value reached RMB 23.2 billions (presently exch- ange rate) ,with fixed price to count ,it increased 8% than the year of 1997; the total industry and agriculture output value reached RMB 21.56 billions; the financial income is RMB 2.4 billions ,increased 15.45% than the year of 1997.
Urumqi city is the main industry base of Xinjiang , it has set up a more complete industry system taken petrochemical,metallurgy,light textile , mac- hinery,building materials ,foods etc .as main part,and there are 3057 enter- prises in different kind. Among them,there are 1694 industry enterprises of above village,79 middle-large enterprises of possessing leading Position in national economy,and which occupy 40% of the total of Xinjiang.In 1998,the city total industry output value reached RMB 20.9 billions ,with fixed price to count, it increased 6.13% than the year of 1997 .
Urumqi city has the feature of "big city,small suburbs" ,the agriculture and animal husbandry is suburban agriculture of which is taken the construct of "vegetable basket" as the main Part .In 1998 ,the total agricultural output value is RMB 736 millions, the total output value of villages and put and tow- ns enterprises reached RMB 3.86 billions, Urumqi county Qidaowan village become one of the "China hundred stars of villages and towns enterprises .
The third industry in Urumqi has a speedy developing,occupies 63.42% of the total city gross national Product and the industry which become the pillar of national economy has 36 thousands commercial state's ,collective and private spotsall over the city.In 1998 ,the total retail value of social con- sumption goods reached RMB 10.2 billions, it increased 7.38% than the year of 1997 .
During the "eighth five years", the fund used for city basic construction reached RMB 1.5 billion that is 9.4 times than the stage of the "seventh five years" and surpassed the total fund of the last 40 years invested.We are Performing the engineering projects of city centralized heating,gas pipeline and living in peace, some parts of the projects has turned key to users .So, the city face has changed to better, and the basic facilities is gradually tend- ing to be Perfect .

Urumqi means " A beautiful Pasture land " in ancient Mongolian used by the Junggar tribe. 2000 years ago it was once an important town on the new northern route of the Silk Road, which made important contribution in promoting Sino-fore- ign economic & cultural exchanges. During the 22nd year of the Zhenguan's reign in the Tang Dynasty, 648 A.D. , the Tang government set up the town of Luntai in the ancient town seat of Urabo.which is 10 kilometers away from the southern su- burb of Urumqi nowadays. The Ancient Luntai Town, which played quit significant a role on the new northern route of Silk Road in the Tang Dynasty, was the only town of tax collection, the only town of management, the town of supply and the first town as well. In the time of Qing Dynasty(A.D.1763) , the emperor Qian Lon- g named the expanded city as "DiHua". UP to A.D.1884, another emperor Guang Xu put up Xinjiang as a Province and the Di Hua city as the capital of XinJiang. Af- ter the founding of the people's Republic of China, by Feb.1,1954, the city name was restored to its original meaning e.g.Urumqi .
Urumqi has one county and seven districts under her jurisdiction. Such as Urum- qi county, Tianshan District, Sharyibark District,Toutunhe District, Shuimogou Dis- trict, Xinshi District,Dongshan District, Nanshan Mine District.
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