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China Wuyishan City:

General Information:
Wuyishan City , a developing tourist city named after the famous mountain in FuJian Province , is located in the north of FUjian Province bordering Jiangxi Province.It Covers an area of 2,798 square kilometers with a population of 208,000, administering 5 townships,5 villages and 6 tea farms. The area is endowed with unique rourist resourses,having mild climate,beautiful sights and abundant local products,along with a long history and a galaxy of talent and cream of local culture.It is also one of the country's famous production regions of Chiness revolution.The tide of reforms and opening up since 1979 in China has brought the city into the opening front . Established here successively are Wuyishan Nationl Key Nature Reserve ,Wuyishan National Key Scenic Spot , Wuyioshan National Tourist Resort and Wuyishan National Airport ,And Fujian Provincial Government has also approved the founding of Wuyishan Tourist Economic Development Zone . During the eighth "Five-Year Plan" period(1991-1995),Wuyishan Municipal Government put emphasis on building airport, railway and other facilities to improve the infrastructure . Now the city has become the center of culture, tourism and communications and a hot spot for sightseeing and for investment . The strategies of developing the city through environmental protection, tourist economy, science and education have been implementing in all-round way in the city with the grand goal of becoming an international tourist city in about 15 years.

Wuyishan National Nature Reserve , with a circumference of 570 square kilometers and forest coverage of 95.3 per cent , is the largest and best preserved subtropical forest ecological system on the southeast China continent . Huangganshan Peak , at 2,158 meters above sea level ,is the highest in southeast China ,and the sources of Minjiang and Ganjiang rivers. In the area are 2,466 higher and 840 lower plant species ,475 vertebrate species ,which has brought if the names of " The Window of the World Biology", " The Garden of Bird ", "The Kingdom of Snakes ", "the World of Insects" and "The Ideal Place for the Research of Amphibians and Reptiles in Asia " . Guadun is famous for its production of biology specimens . The area was listed as a state key nature reserve in 1979,and as a world preserve of biological circle and then as a pilot reserve for mulit - protection of global biology by the United Nations in 1987 and 1992 separately.

Wuyishan Economy:
Wuyishan Tourist Economic Development Zone was approved to be established by Fujian Provincial Government in June, 1992. The 90-square-kilometer area includes the major scenic sites in Wuyishan National Scenic Spot and Wuyisahn National Tourist Resort, the city proper, and the recreational area (10km2), the business and trade section (2km2) and the tourist industrial area (8km2) . The area is now beginning to take shape.

Wuyishan National Airport ,the first inland airport open to the outside world in Fujian Province, was approved to be established by the State Council in September, 1993 and opened for operation on April 1 , 1994. The airport is composed of such administrative and inspecting institutions as Wuyishan Civil Aviation Station , the port administration office ,the frontier inspection station ,the quarantines station and the police visa issuing agency . The charter flight route to Hongkong has been opened and overseas routes to Singapore ,Japan and other countries are being planned. Preparations are also being made for the establishment of direct route to Taiwan.

Wuyishan Tourism:
Wuyishan National Tourist Resort lies to the east of Wuyi Palace in the Wuyishan National Scenic Spot and stands opposite to the Great King Peak and the Jade Beauty Rock across the stream with an area of 12 square kilometers . It is one of the first 11 state -level resorts officially approved by the Stat Council in 1992 . Now the area is targeted towards the development of international tourism and will be , in accordance with world tourism standard, turned into a comprehensive international tourist resort which accommodated mainly the overseas tourists.

Transport in Wuyishan:
As a pivot of transportation in northwest China, Xi¡¯an has formed a network of aviation, railways and highways stretching to everywhere. There are many enterprises engaged in freight service with good quality and quick transportation.
¡¡¡¡1. Aviation: By the end of 2002, there were over 80 domestic routes to major Chinese cities and 12 international routes to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Niigata, Okayama of Japan, Seoul and Pusan of Korea, Bangkok of Thailand, Hong Kong, Macro etc. Xi¡¯an is one of the four aviation pivots in China. China Northwest Airlines based in Xi¡¯an has been incorporated into China Oriental Aviation Corporation in 2002, and passengers could now directly fly to most countries and regions via Shanghai, after completing their outbounding procedures in Xi¡¯an. In 2002, the handling capacity of Xianyang International Airport hit 4.4336 million person time, up to 8.89% over the previous year; the freight handling capacity was 9.87 tons, increased by 16.29% than 2001, on the top list of China. A 1.34 billion-Yuan-cost expansion project shall be put in use in April 2003, at that time the yearly handling capacity for passengers shall reach 7.50 million person time, and that for freight will be 130,000 tons.
¡¡¡¡2. Railway: The Longhai-Lanxin Railway Line (double-track) passing through Xi¡¯an is the second Eurasia Land Bridge connecting Asia and Europe. The Longhai Line joins in Xi¡¯an with other five local lines (Xi¡¯an-Yuxia, Xi¡¯an-Tongchuan, Xi¡¯an-Houma of Shanxi, Xi¡¯an-Yan¡¯an, and Xi¡¯an-Ankang), and they, together with Xi¡¯an Railway Station, Western Cargo Station, Eastern Station and Xinfeng Marshalling Yard formed the biggest railway pivot in the northwest. Railway lines within Xi¡¯an area added to 1,960km. Xi¡¯an Railway Station is one of the top grade passenger sections in China, handling over 30,000 passengers everyday averagely. Xi¡¯an Cargo Station, one of the top-level nationwide, is the biggest goods distributing center in northwest and southwest, handling more than 30 million tons of cargos per year. Railway lines from Xi¡¯an to Baotou and Nanjing will be constructed during the Tenth-Five Year Period.
¡¡¡¡3. Highway: Xi¡¯an is the heart of the ¨² pattern highway network of Shaanxi, where two state highway trunk lines, three major westward passenger ways and five state highways cross each other. In addition, seven provincial highways radiate from Xi¡¯an or surround it. These trunk lines connect the ten major cities around (namely Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Hefei, Chongqing, Chengdu, Lanzhou, Yinchuan and Baotou) and formed a ¡°One-day Transportation Circle¡±. The total length of highways around Xi¡¯an amounts to 3,300km, of which nearly 260km are of Level I roads or expressways. The high-grade highways already in use include lines leading to Tongchuan, Tongguan, Baoji, Lantian, Yanliang, and the special way to Xianyang Airport. The new expressways to the Airport and Hanzhong are under construction.

Wuyishan Culture:
With its widespread popularity and the establishment of national tourist resort and national airport , Wuyishan City has become the opening center in North Fujian . During the eighth "Five - Year - Plan " period (1991-1995) , the city received oversea tourist 174,000 person -times , accounting for 94 per cent of the total in North Fujian , set up 124 foreign enterprises, using actual foreign capital at US$92.04 million which made up 26 per cent of the total in North Fujian . Foreign trade has developed rapidly . It is one of the important export - oriented base in Fujian Province producing tea , water- boiled bamboo shoots and bamboo and wooden arts and crafts . The city has established the friendship relationship with Australia's Darwin City and Japan's Fukuchiyama City in Okinawa County , has successfully hold the international symposium on philosopher Zhu Xi's theory and the international tea festival, becoming a base for international academic exchanges.

Wuyishan Attractive points:
Wuyishan City is one of the state commodity grain bases and one of the key forests in China . It is famous for producing tea. The "Rougui" tea is six -time gold medal winners in the National Agriculture Fair. Since the founding of the city in 1990,the agriculture structure here has been optimized in accordance to the development of tourist industry . Now a new system has benn taken form base on grain ,forest ,tea, bamboo , vegetable, turtle breeding ,flowers and plants .
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