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Zhengzhou Travel China, Zhengzhou Tour Guide

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China Zhengzhou City:

General Information:
Zhengzhou lies in Henan Province and is the capital city. Zhengzhou also is the important industry base and railway hinge of China. It is 7.4 thousand square kilometers in area. The population here is 5.6 million.
Zhengzhou is in the transition terrain between Huanghai and Huaihai Plain. It has a monsoon climate in the warm temperate zone, with an average annual temperature of 14.3 degree Celsius and an average annual precipitation of 640mm. The black frost period can last 225 days. Zhengzhou abounds in mineral resources, including coal and cement rock.
Major industries are textile, machinery, tobacco, non-ferrous metal metallurgy, chemical, building materials, food and coal. Among them, textile industry and aluminum metallurgy industry are the ones of China's important industrial centers. In agriculture, there are wheat, corn, cotton and tobacco.
Zhengzhou is one of the biggest railway hinge. The highway and air-transportation are both convenient.
Song Mountain is in the download area. There are many mountains and they are all tall and straight. It is one of the famous ¨Five Mountains? in the ancient China. And now it is the national place of interest. In Song Mountain, there is a world famous temple: the Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Temple is the source of Buddhism. Shaolin Gongfu is well-known by the people all over the world. The wall-paintings of Ming Dynasty in the Qianfo Palace is the most wonderful spectacle in Chinese history.
The traditional specialties are Yellow River common carps, sesame seed, date and honey.

Zhengzhou is the birthplace of the nation of China and the Chinese civilization. It is the homeland of Emperor Huangdi and Shaolin Temple is known for its martial arts, and large shopping centers.

Kaifeng is one of the seven major ancient capitals in China. Its imitations of ancient Guan porcelain are well known in the country.

Luoyang is one of the seven main ancient capitals in China. The city boasts many historical sites, such as Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple and Ancient Tomb Museum. Every year, Luoyang Peony Fair attracts numerous tourists. The imitations of the tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty produced in Luoyang are full of unique charm.

Location: located between 11242' - 11414' east longitude and 3416' - 3458' north latitude; at the junction of the Beijing, Guangzhou and Longhai Railways; in the central part of Henan province

Neighboring Areas: Shandong, Anhui, Hubei, Shaanxi, Shanxi, and Hebei provinces

Physical Features: of great diversity including plain, hills and rivers

Population: 5.97 million
Urban Population: 2 million
Area: 7,446 sq km

Nationalities: Han

History: set up as a town named Aodu as early as 3500 years ago

Climatic Features: temperate continental climate

Average Temperature: 14.3C
Rainfall: annual average of 640mm

Products: wheat, corn, cotton, apple, paulownia and tobacco leaf
Specialties: Yellow River Carp, Zhengzhou Watermelon, Xinzheng Date, dired persimmon, Guangwu Megranate and Zhongmu Garlic

Local Highlights: Henan Opera - one of the ten great operas in China, the essence of traditional culture

Zhengzhou Map

Zhengzhou Map

Zhengzhou Airport (CGO)
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Zhengzhou Tourism:
Commercial City Building

It is a large modern comprehensive commercial building of multifunctions, with a total area of 22,000 sq m. The main building has 10 stories. There are 12 malls scattered on the underground floor, and the lst to the 4th floors, selling furniture, articles for daily use, textiles, handicrafts, etc., totaling over 30,000 varieties of commodities. Hotel, and Venus Ballroom equipped with computerized management system are also located in the building. The Commercial City Building is an ideal place for shopping, accommodation and recreation.

Asia Plaza

With a business area of 12,000 sq m, it shows a pure and fresh style of the south of the Yangtze River. The plaza has over 20 departments, such as cosmetics, furniture, household electrical appliances, shoes and hats, textiles, articles for daily use, garments, toys, lamps and lanterns, and sells over 33,000 varieties of commodities.

Nature Plaza

With a construction area of over 16,000 sq m, the plaza is located in an eight-story building. The first, second and third floors sell a wide variety of commodities. The plaza includes over a dozen parts, selling household electrical appliances, pearls and jewels, cosmetics, leather products, knitwear, shoes and hats, toys, garments and food.

Huangheping Plaza

It is a comprehensive multifunctional state-owned commercial enterprise. The plaza has 13 departments, selling a wide variety of commodities, such as hardware, household electrical appliances, articles of everyday use, at retail and wholesale. The plaza cooperates with many counterparts in China and does both domestic and foreign trade.

Liu Hulan Non-staple Food Building

It is a large comprehensive non staple food store, selling nearly 4,000 varieties of commodities of over 20 categories, such as sugar, cigarettes, wine, tea, Chinese and Western cakes, preserved fruit, pickles, seasonings, frozen food and fresh marine products. It integrates production, retail and wholesale.

Zhengzhou Department Store

The department store sells over 25,000 varieties of commodities. After it was enlarged, it has a total area of 46,000sq m, 98 m high. With a central garden, a scene-viewing elevator, and a revolving recreational hall, it is an ideal modern shopping center.

Hualian Commercial Building

As a chain store of the national Hualian Group, it has a business area of 15,800 sq m. In the building there are 11 malls, selling textiles, garments, shoes and hats, articles for daily use, furniture, telecommunications equipment, in addition to hotels, teahouses and recreational equipment.

Commercial Building

It is the largest comprehensive state-owned shopping center selling commodities at wholesale and retail. In the Commercial Building, there are seven stories, selling telecommunications equipment, articles for daily use, shoes and hats, knit wear and textiles, clocks and watches, garments, furniture, automobile accessories, etc.

Zijingshan Department Store

It sells more than 20,000 kind of commodities, such as articles for daily use, arts and crafts, cultural articles, musical instruments, medical apparatus and instruments, cigarettes, wine, food, shoes, hats, garments, gold and silver ornaments, etc. To turn it-self into a modern plaza, the store has constructed a 21story comprehensive building, 98.6 m high, and an underground parking lot, with an area of 1,300-sq m.
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