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Guilin hotels guide give you the information about Guilin accommodation with real tools to understand if an hotel is suitable for you, verifying easy the images, the rates, the position and exhaustive examination on all the characteristic. Booking by the system of CHR you can save up to 75%. From this page, you are completing the reservation by two step. For fast and complete overview you can choose Guilin All Hotels List.

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Longji Star-Wish Resort Guilin (Longsheng District)

Longji Star-Wish Resort Guilin
Hotel Ratings
108 Ratings
Long ji is about 100 kilometers away from Guilin City, about two hours by car , you can directly go to the Long shen country town from the Guilin Bus Station every 30 minutes for a bus, and go to the scenic spot from Long shen every two hours for a bus., Villa is located in terraced landscape of the Long ji, it's only a hundred paces away from" the seven stars around the moon", whick is a famous scenic spots. Villa has 21 rooms in total, including 19 sets of the viewing rooms, 14 suites with separate balcony or garden.

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Not available

Longsheng Hot-spring Vacation Focus (Longsheng District)

Longsheng Hot-spring Vacation Focus
Hotel Ratings
847 Ratings
Distance from city center: 108km Distance from Guilin railway station: 110km Distance from the airport: 112km Distance from the nearby business center: 109km, Longsheng Hot-spring Vacation Focus is located in the central area of Longsheng Hot-spring Vacation Area.Blend modern style with national garden art, the hotel provides the guests with a comfortable accommodation environment.

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Not available

Longsheng Hot Spring SPA Hotel - Guilin (Longsheng District)

Longsheng Hot Spring SPA Hotel - Guilin
Hotel Ratings
207 Ratings
Railway Station Guilin Railway Station 108 km Airport Guilin Liangjiang International Airport 110 km Downtown Zhongxin Square 108 km, The Longfu Hotel (Longfu Shanzhuang) is located in the Longsheng hot spring resort and offers guests a venue to get away from the busy city hustle.

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Not available

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    Guilin Hotel directory: China Hotels Reservation list for you a lot of selected hotels in Guilin, if you click on the name of hotel you can watch complete information (prices, description, pictures, features) of hotel that you chosen. All the rooms are very comfortable, with best discount and whole services. In our hotel reservation system, generally you can find more cheap or discounted Guilin hotels and more hotel with low star rating. Guilin hotel booking: our hotels reservation system is very easy, here you can booking at the better prices and with immediate confirmation. Guilin visits: in many hotels listed you can book a guided tours to visit Guilin and its famous tourist landscapes.

    Guilin, magical landscapes and great emotions

    The scenery of Guilin inevitably arouses emotion and surprise to its visitors (among them some eminent writers) who from time to time defined the area (rightly) the finest land under heaven or the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. The image of the rolling hills that stand out against the backdrop of the Li River, is one of those images that remain imprinted in memory and that most people remember during all life. It is a scenery unique in the word. The hills often contain wonderful caves, many of which are open to tourists.
    Cruises on Li River
    The beautiful Li River, one of the main landmarks of Guilin, offers visitors the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of this place through small cruises. We recommend you do not miss a typical local cruise that will take you for a whole day along the Li River. These cruises meander through the hills (height of about 150 to 200 meters) covering more than 60 km in 5 hours, in a continuous sequence of bamboo forests, ancient villages, and fishermen on bamboo boats that are trained cormorants to catch fish.
    Ethnic minorities
    Guilin is situated in the northern province of Guangxi, has an area of nearly 28.000 km square and a population of about 2,000,000 people. Guangxi and Guilin are home to 12 different ethnic minorities besides the Han Chinese. Ethnic minorities, including the Zhuang, Dong, Miao, Yao, Maonan, Yi, Shui and others, have all their festivals, their customs and their folklore and help to make the area even more attractive.
    Subtropical climate
    Guilin has a humid subtropical climate (monsoon-influenced), with mild winters and long, hot, and humid summers. It is not too cold during the winters and not too hot during the summer, the temperatures can vary from 8 degrees in January to 29 degrees in July. It has also abundant rainfall with average precipitation per year of 1,9 mm.
    Ecological habitat rich in forest and animals
    The area of Guilin is also fairly pure and free of pollution. The natural habitat, rich in vegetation and uninhabited areas, characterize the ecological environment. The area is also called "forest of Sweet Osmanthus" (from which originated the name Guilin) for the high number of fragrant Sweet Osmanthus trees. In Guilin there are the typical evergreen forests of the sub-tropical areas, with rich variety of plants (about 2338 kinds) and animals (about 1,598 types of animals).
    Longsheng and Yangshuo
    In the vicinity of Guilin there are other beautiful places, like Longsheng, famous for the rice terraces and the presence of colorful ethnic minorities and Yangshuo, a small county with landscapes similar to Guilin. Some attractions of Guilin: Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Diecai Shan, Seven Star Park, Yaoshan Hill Park, Ocean Aquarium, Solitary Beauty Peak, Jing Jiang Princes City Park.
    History of 2000 years
    The city was founded in 111 BC, during the reign of Emperor Wu. The city became the cultural and economic center of Guangxi since the Northern Song Dynasty (1000 BC). The stunning scenery of Guilin has attracted during all ages (but especially during the Tang Dynasty) famous poets and painters, who left valuable evidence about the beauties of the city.
    Common misspelling of Guilin Hotels: Guilim hotels, Gui Lin, hotel Guiling

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