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Hotels in Jiangning Nanjing, China - a guide to Nanjing Jiangning hotels Find your hotel on city Map

Nanjing hotels guide give you the information about Nanjing accommodation with real tools to understand if an hotel is suitable for you, including the location, the prices and pictures. In these hotels you can save up 70%. From Nanjing hotels reservation you can proceed directly to reservation form, For fast and complete overview you can choose Nanjing hotels list.

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Nanjing District Hotels: Baixia Gulou Jiangning Jianye Pukou Qinhuai Xiaguan Xixia Xuanwu Yuhuatai
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Nanjing Vogue Motel (Jiangning District)

Nanjing Vogue Motel
Hotel Ratings
355 Ratings
- 60km to Nanjing railway station; - 15km to Nanjing Lukou International Airport; - 55km to Downtown, Nanjing Vogue Motel is a motel from Taiwan, giving every guest private space.Each room is connected with a independant garage, warm room serivce and express check-in service.

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Not available

Nanjing Baliyuansu.Vogue Hotespring Hotel (Jiangning District)

Nanjing Baliyuansu.Vogue Hotespring Hotel
Hotel Ratings
1790 Ratings
25km from Nanjing Railway Station; 45km from Nanjing Lukou International Airport; 22km from City center., Nanjing Baliyuansu.Vogue Hotespring Hotel (Nanjing Baliyuanshu Wenquan Huiguan) is located on the mountainside.

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Not available

Nanjing Vogue Boutique Hotel (Jiangning District)

Nanjing Vogue Boutique Hotel
Hotel Ratings
225 Ratings
13.6km from Nanjing South Railway Station; 25.1km from Nanjing Railway Station; 32.6km from Nanjing Lukou International Airport., Nanjing Vogue Boutique Hotel is a business hotel with the feature of private, low-key, and luxury. The hotel have business rooms, catering, luxury KTV, mahjong & chess entertainment and leisure bar. Vogue Boutique Hotel combines Nanjing local culture and the modern leisure. It is in the intersection of in Niushou Mountain and Jiangjun Mountain hill, located in the No. 9 Yinlong Road ,Jangning district.

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Not available

Tangshan Shengquan Wenquancheng Nanjing (Jiangning District)

Tangshan Shengquan Wenquancheng Nanjing
Hotel Ratings
767 Ratings
9km to downtown, 28km to Nanjing railway station, 30km to airport, Tangshan Sheng Quan Hotspring Hotel is located in Tangshan Town and features natural hot spring, only 9 kilometers from the city center.

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Not available

Nanjing Konggang Hotel (Jiangning District)

Nanjing Konggang Hotel
Hotel Ratings
5124 Ratings
Nanjing Lukou International Airport: 1 km Downtown (Xinjiekou): 50 km, The Nanjing Airport Hotel (Konggang Binguan) is located to the south of Lukou Airport's lobby lounge. Various guestrooms, a grand dining hall, and 11 deluxe private banquet rooms are available for use and booking.

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Not available

Nanjing Tang Shan Ziqing Lake Golf Ecological Tourism Resort (Jiangning District)

Nanjing Tang Shan Ziqing Lake Golf Ecological Tourism Resort
Hotel Ratings
2677 Ratings
, The Nanjing Ziqinghu Hotspring Hotel (Nanjing Tangshan Ziqinghu Shengtai Lvyou Dujiaqu) is located in an ancient town on the slopes of Tangshan, a 45-minute drive from Nanjing Lukou International Airport. Bringing together the indulgence of a hot spring vacation and an eco-tourism philosophy, this Nanjing hotel is a great place for those seeking solace from the stresses of everyday life.

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Not available

Jinling Resort - Nanjing (Jiangning District)

Jinling Resort - Nanjing
Hotel Ratings
2556 Ratings
Railway Station Nanjing South Railway Station 9.1 km Railway Station Nanjing Railway Station 18.65 km Airport Nanjing Lukou International Airport 27.63 km Downtown Xinjiekou 14.07 km, The ornamental traditional Chinese 5-star Jinling Resort Nanjing (Nanjing Hubin Jinling Fandian) is located on the outskirts of Nanjing in the serene Baijia Lake scenic area. Surrounded by the lake on three sides, the hotel boasts peaceful landscaping designed in the Chinese tradition of Fengshui and provides many lakeside areas for guests to relax and take in the view. With the opening of the Shengtai Rd station on Metro Line 1, the hotel has convenient access to the city center while remaining a great getaway from the bustle of modern life.

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Not available

Jinwei Grand Hotel - Nanjing (Jiangning District)

Jinwei Grand Hotel - Nanjing
Hotel Ratings
199 Ratings
Park/Amusement Park/Attraction/Scenic Area Jiangjunshan Scenic Area 3 km Railway Station Nanjing South Railway Station 8.73 km Railway Station Nanjing Railway Station 18.29 km Airport Nanjing Lukou International Airport 30.54 km Downtown Xinjiekou 13.71 km, The Nanjing Jinwei Hotel (Nanjing Jinwei Dajiudian) offers a convention hall and medium and small sized meeting rooms equipped with the latest audiovisual technology.

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Not available

Nanjing dragon The Heights Hotel (Jiangning District)

Nanjing dragon The Heights Hotel
Hotel Ratings
163 Ratings
, The Qinglongshanzhuang Hotel (Qinglongshanzhuang Jiudian) is situated close to a football training base. The Nanjing Lukou International Airport is about 24 km away.

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Not available

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    Nanjing, ancient capital, today tourist city

    Nanjing City: at several points in China?s history, Nanjing has served as the national capital. Today it is the capital of Jiangsu Province and a national industrial and cultural center. Nanjing, the abbreviation is Ning,, it is situated at Ning town knoll mountainous area of the down of Changjiang River, North continually vast Jiangsu and Anhui plain, East meets the bountiful Changjiang River delta. Whole city total area is 6,520 square kilometers; urban district is 978 square kilometers among them. Total population is 5.3 million, Agricultural population is 2.59 million, and Non- agricultural population is 2.70 million. The area, under jurisdiction cross north and south bank of Yangtze River, including six cities as QinHuai, Xuanwu, Baixia, JianYe, Xiaguan, Gulou, five suburbs such as Yuhautai, Qixia, Pukou, Liuhe, Jiangning, as well as two counties of Lishui and Gaochun.
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