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 24 Sightseeing routes-in Beijing

Beijing Hotels

 1.CCTV tower-Beijing Botanic Garden-Beijing Botanic Garden of Botanic Institute of CAS (Chinese Academy of Science)
CCTV Tower: a view of Beijing on top of the Tower. Taking bus No. 374 or 323 and getting off at Bayihu stop.F 7
Tel: 68475803 68450715
Beijing Botanic Garden: flowers, sightseeing and Popular Science Exhibition. Taking bus No. 333 or 904 and getting off at Wofosi (Temple of Reclining Buddha) stop. If taking bus No. 360 or 318, getting off at Zhiwuyuan stop(Botanical Garden), B 3
Tel: 62951961
Beijing Botanic Garden of Botanic Institute of CAS: "Plant and Human Life", popular science information. Taking bus No. 333 or 904 and getting off at Wofosi stop. If taking bus No. 360 or 318, getting off at Zhiwuyuan stop(Botanical Garden). B 3
Tel: 62591431Ò»6013

2.Badachu Park-Shijingshan Amusement Park
Badachu Park: taking bus No. 389 in Yuquanlu Road and getting off at Badachu Park stop. You can also take the subway and get off Pingguoyuan station, then taking bus No.965 to Badachu Park. D 2 Tel: 68874661--2189 Shijingshan Amusement Park: taking the subway and getting off at Bajiao Amusement Park. Taking bus No. 337 or 389 and getting off at Jingyuanlukou stop. G 3
Tel: 68874060 68864122

3.Jiangjuntuo Natural Resort-Shangfangshan Mountain
Jiangjuntuo Natural Resort: taking branch of bus No.917 in Tianqiao and getting off at Dongzhuangzi stop. Walking 200 meters northward. Fangshan District. Tel: 60378958 Shangfangshan Mountain National Forest Park: taking bus No.917 in Tianqiao and getting off at the terminal. Then, taking the bus there to Shangfangshan Mountain. Fangshan District.
Tel: 80386542

4.Day Trip to Shidu and Gushanzhai
Shidu (Ten Ferry Ports): it is also called "small Guilin of Beijing" It is famous for its beautiful scenery and bungle (extreme jumping£©sports. Taking bus No.917 in Tanqiao and getting off there. Fangshan District.
Tel: 68349871

5.Longmai Hot Spring Sanatorium-Mangshan National
Forest Park-Nine-dragon Amusement Park Longmai Hot Spring Sanatorium: hot spring bath, hydropathy, swimming in hot spring and healthcare tour. Taking bus No. 912 in Andingmen and getting off at Longmai hot spring stop Changping District.
Tel: 61781021 61782465
Mangshan National Forest Park: climbing the mountain and returning back to nature. Watching the performance of gliding parachutes. Taking bus No.845 and getting off at the terminal. Changping District.
Tel: 60713818
Jiulong (Nine-dragon) Amusement Park: green mountain and clean water in Jiulong park, aquatic sports, Palace of the Dragon King, Movement Cinema (bus No.845 for family tour). Taking bus No.912 in Andingmen and getting off at the terminal. If taking bus No.845 in Xizhimen, getting off at the terminal. Changping District.
Tel: 60713399--3322

6.China Aeronautical Museum-Tianlong Lake Natural Resort
China Aeronautical Museum: the largest aeronautical museum in Asia. A large amount of exhibits and historical documents shows the progress of China's aviation. Taking bus No.912 in Andingmen and getting off at China Aeronautical Museum stop Changping District.
Tel: 61784883 66916170
Tanlong Lake Natural Resort: mountain climbing, sightseeing, flowers, potherb, barbecue, country style food and trout fishing. Taking bus No.919 in Deshengmen and getting off at Nankou changing a minibus to go there. Changping District.
Tel: 69778314

7.Zhuijiuyu Natural Resort-Baiyanggou Natural Resort-Balhujtan Natural Resort
Zhuijiuyu Natural Resort: living in the countrymen's houses and taking the country style food. Taking the branch of bus No.345 in Deshengmen and getting off at Dongguan. If taking bus No.314, getting off at Changling and changing a minibus to go there. Changping District.
Tel: 89721775 89722496
Bell Natural Resort: river and waterfalls, taking country style food in the houses of the countrymen. Taking bus No.345 in Deshengmen and changing bus No.357 in Changping, getting off at Liucun stop. Chanqpinq District.
Tel: 89771716
Baihujian Natural Resort: sightseeing and taking country style food. Taking bus No.345 in Deshengmen and changing bus No.914 at Shahe stop. Then, taking a minibus to get there. Changping District.
Tel: 69767388

8.Huyu Ravine Natural Resort-- Gouya Cliff Natural Resort
Huyu Ravine Natural Resort: Taking the branch of bus No.345 and getting off at Dongguan stop, then changing bus No.357 or 376 and getting off at Hongnigou stop. You can also take bus No 919 and get off at Longhutai stop. Changping District.
Tel:69770295 69770297
Gouya Cliff Natural Resort: taking branch of bus No. 345 in Deshengmen and getting off at Xihuannanlu stop in Changping district. Then, changing the minibus to go there. Changping District.
Tel: 60761481

9.Songshan Forest Park in Yanqing County--Cangmi
Ancient Road-Mallard Lake Holiday Village Songshan Forest Park: green mountain and flowers, good summer resort.
Tel: 69143714 69148435
Cangmi Ancient Road: it's better for a group of tourists to contact the reception center first. They can visit in their own vehicle. Tel: 81193586 69182717 Mallard Lake Holiday Village: birds and fishing. Taking bus No.919 and getting off at Yanqing. You can also take the branch of bus No.919 and get off at Kangzhuang. A minibus is there waiting for the tourists.

10.Mutianyu Great Wall in Huairou Countv--Honaluo Temple
Mutianyu Great Wall: taking bus You 6 (Tour 6) in Xuanwumen Dongsishitiao or Dongdaqiao, or bus No.916 in Dongzhimen and getting off at Huairou. Changing the minibus to go there. Taking train No.1 or 3 at Beijing Railway Station or Beijing North Railway Station to get there. Tel: 61626505 61626022 Hongluo Temple: sightseeing, Buddha worshipping, recreation, holiday climbing, health, and forest therapy. Taking bus You 6 or You 16 to get there. You can also take the sightseeing train at Beijing Railway Station.
Tel: 60681175 60681967

11.Simatai Great Wall of Miyun County-Bailong pool
Simatai Great Wall climbing, sightseeing in cable car and mini train, watching the performance of gliding and parachute jump at weekend and holidays. Taking bus You12 in Xuanwumen or Dongsishdiao. You can also go there by the sightseeing bus toMiyun and then from there to Simatai. Tel: 69031051 Bailong (White Dragon) Pool: natural resort, temple fair, Wanfushan Mountain. Taking bus You12 in Xuanwumen or Dongsishitiao (on Saturday or Sunday) to get there. You can also take the coach in Dongzhimen and get off at Miyun. Then, changing a bus to Bailong Pool.
Tel: 69038586

12.Yunmengshan National Forest Park-Heilong Pool
Yunmengshan National Forest Park: sightseeing in Yunmengshan Mountain. Sightseeing bus from Xuanwumen, Chongwenmen, Dongdaqiao and Hepingjie Beikou at weekend and on national holidays.Miyun County Heilong (Black Dragon) Pool: sightseeing, waterfalls. Sightseeing bus from Xuanwumen, Dongzhimen, Dongsishitiao and Hepingjie Beikou on weekend and national holidays. Miyun County.

13.Mfyun Yunxiugu Valley-Bailong Pool
Yunxiugu Valley: peaks, stones, pools, waterfalls, gameland, shooting box, flying disk shooting and cable car. Taking bus You12 in Xuanwumen and getting off at Yunxiugu stop. Tel:69027774 Bailong Pool:taking the coach from Xizhimen to Miyun, changing a bus to Bailongtan.
Tel: 81022307 81022367

14.Qinglianggu in Miyun County-Wuzuolou Forest Park
Qinglianggu in Miyun County: good summer resort, fun in countryside, beautiful scenery and forest therapy. Taking the bus from Dongzhimen to Miyun and changing bus a bus there. Tel:69015455 Wuzuolou Forest Park: natural resort, forest therapy. Taking thebus from Dongzhimen to Miyun and changing a bus there.

15.Beijing Green Holiday Village in Shunyi County
Beijing Green Holiday Village: forest therapy, hot spring, and wooden houses. Taking bus No.915 or 918 in Dongzhimen and getting off at Shunyi stop, changing bus No. 923 to get there.
Tel: 89481763 89481740

16.Jinhai Lake-lingdong Grand Gorge in East Beijing
Jinhai Lake of Pinggu County: aquatic world. Taking bus No. 918 from Dongzhimen to Pinggu County. Then, taking the sightseeing bus to every scenic spot. Day tour bus will take you to visit at least two spots from Dongdaqiao or Chongwenmen at weekend or on national holidays between May and October.
Tel: 69993943 69995376
Jingdong Grand Gorge: climbing Jingtaishan Mountain, a long view of the secret and sedate mountains and valleys. Pinggu County.
Tel: 89961317 89961036

17.Jingdong Big Cave-Yajishan Mountain
Jingdong Big Cave: visiting the big cave formed in millions of years, studying the knowledge of geology Pinggu County.
Tel: 89971708
Yajishan Mountain: climbing, sightseeing. Flowers Fair of the county. Pinggu County.
Tel: 61971063

18.Gold Panning Valley in East Beijing-Shilin Gorge, Hudongshui, Feilong Valley Gold Panning Valley: living the houses of the countrymen, enjoying their custom, pricking hotherb, farming in the field, pricking the fruits, firecrackers, paper decoration on the window. Tel: 60988629 Shilin Valley Natural Resort: sightseeing, climbing, wild flowers. Tel: 60987678 60988154 60989127

19.Dongyue Temple-Birds Garden of Beijing
Dongyue Temple: visiting the temple and praying for blessing. F13
Tel: 6551410 65514148
Birds Garden: exhibition of the rare bird- red ibis and other birds C 12
Tel: 62379927

20.Chaolal Agriculture Garden-Beijing marigold and Tulips Garden
Chaolai Agriculture Garden: sightseeing, pricking, traveling and entertainment. Bus No.404 in Dongzhimen---Laiguangying (the terminal) branch of Bus No.415---Gujiazhuang, walking 1000 meters north. Bus No.108---Datun--branch of Bus No.415. Chaoyang District.
Tel: 84913070
Marigold and Tulips Garden: Tulips Festival, fishing, miniature gardens. Taking bus No.418 in Dongzhimen orNo.364inXiaozhuang. Chaoyang District.
Tel: 84315180 84313739

21.1ingshan Mountain in Mentougou-Longmenjian
Lingshan Mountain: natural resort. Taking bus No.336 or 326 and taking off at Hetan stop. Then, taking the coach to Lingshan Mountain and getting off at Lingshan stop.
Tel: 60857994
Longmenjian: natural resort. Taking bus No.336 or 326 and getting off at Hetan stop. Then, taking the coach to Longmenjian.
Tel: 60858213

22.Baihuashan Mountain-Chuandixia Village
Baihuashan Mountain: natural protection area. Taking bus No.336 or 326 at Pingguoyuan Station of the Subway and getting off at Hetan stop. Then, taking the coach to Baihuashan Mountain. Mentougou District.
Tel: 60856110
Chuandixia Village: courtyards of Ming and Qing dynasties Taking bus No.336 or 326 at Pingguoyuan Station of the Subway and getting off at Hetan stop. Then, taking the coach. Meniougou District.
Tel: 69816574

23.Zhenzhu (Pearl) Lake-Miaofengshan Mountain
Zhenzhu Lake: lake formed after building the reservoir sightseeing on the yacht. fishing in the lake and living in the wooden cottages. Mentougou District.
Tel: 61838322
Miaofengshan Mountain: religion and folk-custom. sightseeing health care£¬entertainment. summer resort. The best season is from May to October. Taking bus No.929 or a coach in Pingguoyuan Station to get there. Mentougou District
Tel: 61882936

24.Tanzhe Temple-Jietai Temple
Tanzhe (Pool£¦Gudrania) Temple: an ancient temple with a history of 1000 years. Old trees. Taking bus You? in Qianmen or bus No.931 in Pingguoyuan to get there. Mentougou District.
Tel: 60862505 60862244
Jietai (Ordination Terrace) Temple: in ancient time, monks promised to obey the rules of Buddhism here. Famous temple. Taking bus You? in Qianmen or bus No.931 in Pingguoyuan to get there. Mentougou District.
Tel: 69802645 69802232

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