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 38 Tourist routes in regions arouind Beijing

Beijing Hotels

 6 tourist routes to Tianjin

1'Visiting Haihe River, Xingang Port and Bohai Sea by barge.

2. Visiting the Market of Imported Goods in Tanggu, sightseeing at Xingang Port by barge, visiting barbette in Dagukou, Temple of Tide Sound and Tanjin Economic Development Area; Visiting the Street of Ancient Culture, Palace of the Queen of heaven, Street of Typical Local Dishes, Pedestrian Shopping Precinct at Quanyechang Street and Street of Exoticism

3. Visiting Tianjin TV Tower, Memorial Hall for Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao, Aquatic Park

4. Watching the drawing of Yangliuqing New Year Pictures visiting the Courtyard of Family Shi, Church of Sea-view Pavilion, Benevolence Meditation Monastery, and Three-Branch Estuary; tasting seafood and experiencing the life of a fisher; Visiting Tianjin Economic Development Area and shopping in the Market of Imported Goods in Tanggu.

5. Visiting Panshan Mountain¡¤the best mountain to the east of Beijing, and visiting the Dule Temple

6. Visiting the Great Wall of Huangyaguan Pass and the Dule Temple.

13 tourist routes to Hebei Province

1. Visiting the Mountain Resort in Chengde, Waibamiao Temples and Bangchuishan Club Mountain.

2. Sightseeing at Beidaihe coast, Geziwo, Wildlife Park, Shanhai Pass, Laolongtou, Jiang Nv Temple, tasting of fishermari s life and visiting Qinhuangdao by barge.

3. Sightseeing throughout Baiyangdian by barge, visiting Mandarin Duck Island, Jiulong Pool, releasing River Lantern, going fishing, plucking fruit, viewing the osprey's hunting show

4. Visiting the film studio in Zhuozhou, the Western Cing Tombs

5. Visiting the Eastern Qing Tombs

6. Visiting the tomb of Han Dynasty in Mancheng, Mansion of Zhili Viceroy of Qing Dynasty in Baoding, Lotus Pond Park

7. Visiting Xibaipo. Baodu Stockaded Village and Cangyanshan Mountain

8. Visiting the Western Qing Tombs.. Langyashan Mountain and Dragon Lake

9. Visiting Wulingshan Mountain in Xinglong and Yunxiugu Valley.

10. Tanmo traveling (traveling in desert, sightseeing at Haitang Bay in Shanggu and Fishery Port in Beisaihe). visiting Bashang grassland.

11. Visiting Liangcheng scenic spot in Laiyuan

12. Visiting Huangdi City and Huangyangshan Forest Park

13, Visiting the big statue of Buddha in Zhengding and Wuyue Stockaded Village

5 tourist routes to Shandong Province

1. Sightseeing at Jinan (Baotu fountain, Darning Lake, Dianfuoshan Mountain), Tai'an (Dai Temple, Bixia Temple), Dufu (Confucius Temple, Confucian Mansion, Confucian Stele Forest)

2. Visiting Qingdao (Laoshan Mountain, Sanqing Palace of Taoism), Penglai (Penglai Pavilion), Weihai (Liugong Island) and Yantai.

3. Visiting Penglai and Changdao Island.

4. Visiting Confucius Temple, Confucian Mansion, Confucian Stele Forest, the City of Confucian Classics, and NishanÒ» Confucian's birthplace.

5. Visiting Liangshan Mountain of Waterside (Duanjin Pavilion, Songjiang's Packway, Heifeng Col, Juyi Hall, Zuojun Camp, Martial Art Show, Dongping Lake and Lashan Mountain), and touring in Confucius's hometown

3 tourist routes to Henan Province

1. Visiting the Yellow River Tourist Area in Zhengzhou

2. Visiting Luoyang for the Longman Grotto, Guanlin, white Horse Temple. Shaolin Temple and Ancient Tomb Museum

3. Visiting the Prime Minister's Mansion of Song Dynasty Memorial Hall of Baogong. and Iron Tower

7 tourist routes to Shanxi Province

1. Visiting the Yungang Grotto, Dangling Temple, Wooden Tower of Yng County; visiting the Jin Temple in Datong, Pingyao Ancient City in Taiyuan, and the Courtyard of Family Disc,

2. Visiting Dailuo Crest, Jifu Temple, Bishan Temple, Xianling Temple, Ebodhisattva Crest, Tayuan Temple and Wanfuo Pavilion in Wutaishan Mountain

3. Visiting Jin Temple in Taiyuan, and visiting the Courtyard of Family Diao, Xuanzhong Temple, Pingyao Ancient City, Rishengchang Exchange Shop and the Ancient Style Streets of the Ming and Ding Dynasties

4. Visiting Pingyao Ancient City and the Courtyard of Family Wang in Jiexiu, and visiting Guangsheng Temple. Big Locusttree Park and Susan Prison in Linfen

5. Visiting Pingyao Ancient City and the Courtyard of Family Wang in Jiexui, and visiting Pu Jiu Temple, Iron Cattle of the Yellow River and Temple of Lord Guan in Linfen

6. Sightseeing at Hukou waterfall, Guangsheng Temple, Big Locusttree Park and Susan Prison in Linfen.

7. Visiting the Icy Hole, source of Fang River, Zhiguo spectacular stone, Luyashan Mountain, Hall of the Son of Heaven, Sushen Cliff and Jiuguang Ladder.

2 tourist routes to Liaoning Province

1. Visiting Dalian and Lvshun

2. VlsltingAnshan£¨the Jade Buddha Park and Gianshan Natiunal Forest Natural Reserve£©Benxi (Water Tunnel, drift and train set)

2 tourist routes to Inner Mongolia Autonomy

1 Visiting Hohhot (horse riding, horse race and wrestle show, visiting old herdman), Baotou (visiting the Yellow River and Xiangsha Bay), the Tomb of Zhaojun, and Dazhao Museum

2. Visiting Tongliao National Natural Reserve, Daqinggou Nations Natural Reserve, and sightseeing at Zhuri River Grassland Touring Area, experiencing adventure in drift and takiOg part in campfire evening party.

Beijing Travel: Yuandadu Ruins, Yonghegong Lamasery, White Cloud Taoist Temple, Tian Anmen Gate Tower, Temple Of Heaven, Summer Palance, Shihua Stone Flower Cave, Ruins Of Yuanmingyuan, Peking University, Opera And Enterainment, Olympic Stadium Outline, Nine-Dragon Amusement Park, New Flight Course Of Kunyu, National Swimming Center, National Stadium, National Library Of China, National Gymnasium, Museum Of Chinese History, Monument People Heroes, Militarv Museum Chinese People's Revolution, Louge Bridge, Liu Li Chang Cultural Street, Introduction Historical Beijing, Grand View Garden, Garden Prince Gong's Mansion, Former Residence Of Mme Soong Cningiing, Forbidden City, China Millennium Monument, China Fine Arts Gallery, Chang An Theater, Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall, Big Bell Temple, Beijingmuseum Of Nature, Beijing Special Products, Beijing Police Museum, Beijing Ocean Aquarium, Beijing Huangchenggen Ruins Park, Beijing Botanical Garden, Beiiing Snecial Artifacts, Beihai Park, Asian Game Village, Ancient Observatory, 38 Tourist Routes In Regions Arouind Beijing, Cultural attractions in Beijing (Peking), 24 Sightseeing Routes-In Beijing

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