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 Cultural attractions in Beijing (Peking)

Beijing Hotels

 1. Confucius us Temple Yonghegong Lamasery the Alter of Earth Confuslus Temple Capital Museum
Confucius Temple: Display of historical and cultural relics, display of restored matters used in worship ceremony to Confuciusus in the Beijing Confuciusus Temple, and the 13 classic steles on which the 13 classics were carved, the inscription steles on which names of those candidates who successfully passed the highest imperial examinations were inscribed. Address: #13 Guozijian, Dongcheng District E 12
Tel: 8401977 64073593
Lamasery Yonghegong Lama Temple: Exhibition of tributes from Tibet to Qing Dynasty, Tibetan Buddhism and Yonghegong Palace.
Address: #12 Ycnhe Palace Street, Dongcheng District
E12 Tel:64044499 229/215
Capital Museum: The Altar of Earth“Ľan altar for prayer of the earth Simulation performance of earth worship ceremony in the Oing Dynasty. Address: Anding Men Waif Street D12 Tel: 64214657

2. Former Residence of Lu Xun White Pagoda Temple the Museum of Industrial Arts
Cultural celebrity Lu Xun Museum: The former residence of Lu Xun, introduction to all Lu Xun's life. exhibition or Lu Xun in Beijing
Address: #19 Gongmenkou Ertiao Lane, Funei Street, Xicheng District F9
Tel: 66156548
Lamasery the White Tower Temple: Art exhibition of Tibetan Buddha statues
Address: Fucheng Mennei Street F10
Arts appreciation the Museum or Industrial Arts: The primes of industrial art works in contemporary China are displayed in its exhibition hall. It is a graceful hall to show the precious works of industrial arts of the Chinese Nation.
Address: beside the Parkson Department Store, near Fuxing Men flyover bridge, in Xi Chang'an Street G9
Tel: 66012255

3. Beijing Red Mansion Culture and Art Museum Museum of Ancient Pottery Culture
Solid Masterpiece Beijing Red Mansion Culture and Art Museum: Exhibition of Red Mansion Culture and Art Museum
Address: Garden of Grand Sight, Nan Caiyun Street, 19
Tel: 63545039
World of ancient pottery the Museum of Ancient Pottery: A great collection of eaves tile, evolution of colorful pottery, the last music of lute, sequence of ancient pottery
Address: North Gate of Garden of Grand Sioht. #12 Nan Caivun Street, 19
Tel: 63538884 63538811

4. Beijing Traditional Operas Museum Classic Arts Museum Da Shi Lan Pedestrian Shopping Precinct
Stage of traditional operas Beijing Traditional Operas Museum: Exhibition of the history of traditional operas in Beijing Address: Huguang Mansion, #3 Hufang Lu Street, H 10 Tel: 63529140 Classic furnishings Classic Arts Museum: Exhibition of art works of the Ming and Ding Dynasties
Address: #53 Liu Li Chang Xi Jie Street, Xuanwu District H70
Tel: 63175058
Da Shi Lan the Pedestrian Shopping Precinct H 11

5. Ancient Observatory Zhihua TempleDongyue Temple
Ancient Observatory: Ancient astronomy instruments, special relic of natural science on ancient astronomy Address: southwestern side of Janguo Men flyover bridge G13
Tel: 65242202
Zhihua Temple: The historical evolution of Zhihua Temple is displayed.
Address: #5 Lumicang Street, Dongcheng District F13
Tel: 65253670
Dongyue Temple: Exhibition of Beijing Folk Custom
Address: #141 Chaoyang Men Wai Street F13
Tel: 65534437

6. Former Residence of Mei Lanfang Memorial Hall of Xu Beihong Geology Museum: Celebrity of Beijing Opera Memorial
Hall of Mei Lanfang Exhibition of all Mei Lanfang's life, disply of the furnishings in his former residence. exhibition of Mei Lanfang's collect paintings
Address: #9 Hugou Si Street, Xicheng District E10
Tel: 66180531
Celebrity of painting Memorial Hall of Xu Beihong: Exhibition of Xu Beihong's paintings and collections
Address: #53 Xinjiekou Street,Xicheng District E10
Geology Museum: Exhibition of mineral resources, the history of the Earth, ancient lives in strata, mineral rocks and gems, etc. Address: #15 Yangrou Lane, Xisi Street, Xicheng District F70
Tel: 66176387

7. Memorial Hall of Guo Monuo Hutono Tour Mansion of Prince Gong the former Residence of Mme soong ching Ling Cultural celebrity Memorial Hall of Guo Moruo: Exhibition of all Guo Moruo's life, disply of the furnishings in his former residence E11
Tel: 66181650
Address: #18 Qianhai Xi Street. Xichena District
Hutong Tour: Sightseeing Hutongs around Shichahai Lake by riding on pedicab, visiting residence in old Beijing style: Siheyuan coutyard, which has buildings on its four sides.
Tel: 66159097
Mansion of Prince Gong: Display of the original furnishings, exhibition of Aixinjueluo's calligraphies and paintings, the restoration of the Mansion of Prince Gong, picture exhibition Address:££A 14 Liuyin Street, Xicheng District E11
Tel: 66180573
Political celebrity the Former Residence of Mme Soong Chingling: Exhibition of all Soong Chingling's life, disply of the furnishings in her former residence, exhibition of Soong Ching Ling's revolutionary events.
Address:#46 Houhai Beiyan Street, Xicheng District E10
Tel: 64035858

8. Beijing Botanical Garden China Bee Museum Memorial Hall of Cao Xueqin
Beijing Botanical Garden: Seeing flowers and sightseeing, visiting the green house which is the largest one in Asia Address: the Temple of Sleeping Buddha, Fragrant Mountain, B3 (taking No.333, 360, 318 bus and getting off at the stop named botanical garden)
Tel: 62591561 2162
China Bee Museum: Exhibitions of history of bee raising in China, culture of bee, source of bee raising, biology of bee, the modern bee raising industry in China, scientific and technological achievements in bee raising, bee products, etc
Address: inside Beijing Botanical Garden B 3
Tel: 82590094
Cultural celebrity Memorial Hall of Cao Xueqin: Exhibition of all Cao Xueqin's life, exhibition of research on the Dreams of the Red Mansion
Tel: 62591561
Address: :*9 Zhengbaiqi Village, Fragrant Hill, B 2

9. China Palaeontology Museum Planetarium Selling Oceanarium
China Palaeontology Museum:
Address: #142 Xizhi Men Wai Street E8
Tel: 68330912
Planetarium: Realizing and understanding the cosmos
Address: #138 Xizhi Men Wai Street E8
Tel: 68353003
Beijing Oceanadum: The largest Oceananum in Asia
Address: inside Beijing Zoo E8
Tel: 62176655

10. China Ethnic Culture park China physical Culture Museum
Beijing Museum of the chinese Nationalities: 56 nationalites are presented in the museum C11
Adress : #1 Minzuyuan street, Chaoyang District
Sports Museum: Exhibition of ancient and modern sport instruments
Address: #3 A An'ding Street, Chaoyang District C12
Tel: 64912233 479

11. Temple of Heaven Park Beijing Museum of Nature History the Museum of ancient buildingsNatural History Museum: Display of organism in modem age and ancient time
Address: #126 Tianqiao Nan Street
The Museum of ancient buildings:
Address: #21 Dongjing Street, Xiannongtan, Xuanwu District 111
Tel: 6301762012.
The Museum of Naval Aviation Weaponry World Park Dabaotai Han Tomb

12. The Museum of Naval Aviation Weaponry: Display of retired
Address: northwest of the World Park L 6
Tel: 63716402
World Park: Touring around the whole world within one day
Address: Daobaotai Village, Huaxiang, Fengtain District L 6 Grand sight of Han tomb Dabaotai Tomb of West HanDynasty: Exhibition of unearthed relics, display of thetomb chamber of West Han Dynasty, protocol of Touh (throwing of pot) game, simulation of archaeological exploration
Address: south of Guogongzhuang, Huaxiang, Fengtai District .
Tel: 63736427.

13.Purple Bamboo Park Beijing Art Museum
Primes of vultural relics in past dnasties: exhibition of Primes of Beijing cultural relics, exhibition of Wanshou Temple'shistorical evolution, exhibition of the art of seal cutting, exhibition of Buddhist art, exhibition of porcelains in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, exhibition of painting art, exhibition of furniture in the Ming and Ding Dynasties Address: inside Wangshou Temple, Suzhou Street, Haidian District C 7
Tel: 68419391

14. Yunju Temple Musuem of Yan Capital Relics of West
Zhou Dynasty Beijing Zhoukoudian Sinanthropus Relics Stone sutras of Sui and Tang Dynasty made thousands of years ago the stone sutras display hall in Yunju Temple: Exhibition of stone sutras carved in Sui and Tang Dynasty
Address: Yunju Temple, Fangshan District Musuem of Yen Capital Relics of West Zhou Dynasty:
Brilliant ancient culture in the capital of Yen state
Address: Dongjialm Village, Liulihe, Fangshan District Fire of human civilization the Museum of Beijing: Zhoukoudian Sinanthropus Relics Relics of human beings in Old Stone Age, exhibition of Sinanthropus
Address: Zhoukoudian, Fangshan District Tel: 69301272

15. Relics of city walls in Liao and Jin Dynasty Library of Cultural Relics of China Buddhism Beginning of imperial capital Museum of Relics of city walls in Liao and Jin Dynasty: Display of relics of the Shui Pass in Zhongdu, Jin Dynasty, Beijing's phylogeny as a capital
Address: #40 A Yulin Community, You'an Men Wai Street, Fengtai District J 9
Tel: 63054992
Temple of Buddhism Library of Cultural Relics of China cultural relics of Buddhism
Tel: 63533772
Address: #K9 Fayuansi Clan Street, Xuanwu District 110

16. Museum of Glacier in the Quaternary Period. Fresco (n Fahai Temple
Museum of Glacier in the Quaternary Period: Display of glacier relics

Tel: 68802585
pieces of well kept frescos painted in Ming Dynasty
Address: Moshikou Street, Shijingshan District E 1

17. Longqing Gorge Archaeological Study on Shanrong Tomb Ancient Cliff Residence.
Liogqing permeation Archaeological Study.
Shanrong Tomb: The original state of Uhamong nationautystomb in the period of Warring States, exhibition of unearthed cultural relics. Address: east of Yuquanmiao Village, Xuejiapu Xiang, Yanqing County Tel: 69102585 Ancient Cliff Residenm It Is the lareest cliff residence relic ever found in China.
Tel: 69110333
Address: west of Zhangshanying, Yanqing County

18. Museum of Shanghai Culture Jinhal Lake in Pinggu County
Dawn light of New Stone Age Museum of Shangzhai Culture:Instruments of production and life used by people in New Stone Age
Tel: 69991269
Address: beside the Jinhai Lake reservoir, Pinggu County Natural beauty landscape Jinhai Lake in Pinggu County:
Address: 18 km east of Pinggu county town
Tel: 69993943

19. China Agriculture Museum Beijing Aviation Model
China Agriculture Museum: A special natural science museum with Agriculture as the main topic Address:#16 Dong Sanhuan Beilu Street,Chaoyang District Beijing Aeronautics and Aerospace Model Museum: All kindsof historical aviation pictures, performance of remote control model airplane, all kinds of airplane modelsAddress: Huantie Nei, Dashanzi, Chaoyang District Bib

20. China Science and Technology Museum Big Bell
Temple Beijing Aviation MuseumChina Science and Technology Museum: Four great inventions of ancient China, exhibition using real materials and modern acoustic, optical and electrical methods, all kinds of visible machine models which can be handled by visitors
Address: #1 Be! Sanhuan Zhong Street D11
Primes of ancient bells in past dynasties Museum of Ancient Bells: The evolutional history of Big Bell Temple, exhibition of bell casting engineering, exhibition of Zhenghouyi Serial Bells, bolted history of the Big Bell, exhibition of ancient bells in nine dynasties, a great collectioh of bells and rings, Jiuting Bell Garden, display of bell building's original state, foreign bells, primes of ancient bells, five unexampled aspects of the bell king. Address; #31A Be! Sanhuan Xi Street, Haidian Beijing Aviation Museum: It is a museum for science and technology. Its purpose is to popularize general aviation knowledge and cooperate with teaching. There is a "Gallery of Aviation History", "Window of China Aviation Industry", and about 30 airplanes produced in different periods.
Address: inside the campus of beijing Aviation and Aerospace university, #37 xueyuan street, Haidian District C9
Tel: 82317513

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