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Top 10 Landscape Spots

Window of the World Shenzhen

Window of the World is situated in the Overseas Chinese Town near Shenzhen Bay and covers a total area of 480,000 square kilometers. To enhance world culture, it integrates world wonders, historical relics, places of interest, and folk dance performances into the garden. The slogan of Window of the world is "give me a day and we will show you a splendid world". Scenic spots in Window of the World are divided in accordance with the Five Continents,
Window of the World

forming a magnificent world together with World Square, World Sculptures Garden, International Street, and Jurassic Park. 118 scenic spots are imitated according to different scales. Visitors acclaim them as the acme of perfection because the scenes are so exquisite and vivid. Scenic spots in Window of the World are like solid symphonic poems, while the fabulous folk performances are like moving custom paintings. When night falls, grand folk song and dance shows and carnivals parade on World Square incisively manifest the theme of window of the world-"The world will be happy together with you".

Safari park Shenzhen

Safari park
Located near Xili Lake. Safari Park covers 1.2 million square kilometers. It is the first safari park ever built in China, a subtropical ecological scenic spot of horticulture integrating with zoo, botanical garden, and science popularizings garden. There are more than 10,000 animals of over 300 species. Some of them belong to world-class rare birds and beasts and some are under state protection at A or B levels. There are circus, Elephant,

Seal and Bird Halls for special performances in the park and it also has birds Amusement Park, Children Amusement Park, Monkey Hill,Crocodile Lake, Aquarium, Parrot Path, Overhead Sightseeing Walkway and Watching Tower. Art Performances on the Square held every day is really a big show with exciting and breathtaking programs. Visitors surely will have a sense of "experiencing the wild nature and back to the Nature".

Miniature Scenic Zone of Splendid China Shenzhen

Located near Shenzhen Bay, the Miniature Scenic zone of Splendid China covers a total area of 450mu. It is the most abundant, complete and vivid miniature depicting China's history, art, culture, ancient architecture, and folklore of ethnic groups. Almost 100 scenic spots are distributed generally according to China's territory. It has the Great Wall and the Terra-cotta Warriors, which are wonders of the world, the oldest stone arch bridge, the largest imperial palace and Buddha statue,
Miniature Scenic Zone of Splendid China

the longest grottoes art corridor, the most magnificent buildings with the highest altitude above sea level in the world. It has the dignified Huangdi Grave, the resplendent Confucius Temple, the magnificent Taishan Mountain, and the precipitous Three Gorges. It also has the picturesque Lijiang River, various famous pagodas, temples, towers, stone grottoes, residential buildings with ethnic characteristics. Besides, it shows Ceremony of Emperor Offering a Sacrifice to Heaven, Wedding Ceremony of Emperor Guangxu, grand ceremony held in Confucius Temple, and folk wedding and funeral activities. Miniature Scenic zone of Splendid China can also be regarded as a window of China's history, culture, and tourism, which greatly fascinates tourists at home and abroad and enables them to discover history and tour China within only one day.

China Folk Culture Village Shenzhen

China Folk Culture Village
China Folk Culture Village is the first large folk cultural scenic spot ever built in China, assembling China's folk and ethnic arts, customs, and residential buildings of ethnic groups together. Covering a total area of 200,000 square kilometers, it is close to Shenzhen bay and the Miniature Scenic Zone of Splendid China. The guideline of its construction is "from life, higher than life, discarding the dross and selecting the essence".

It includes 24 villages of 21 minor nationalities of China, and all these villages are set up at life-size. Visitors can get the knowledge of construction features of each building. They can watch and participate in the folk song and dance shows, and trying ethnic arts and crafts. They can taste ethnic delicacies. They can enjoy performances on Ethnic Arts Square and watch shows of professional level. They can also join the various festival celebrations and appreciate the colorful arts and culture of the 56 nationalities.

Green World Shenzhen

Located at Danan Mountain near the Moon Bay, Green World covers 200,000 square kilometers. It is called one of the Fourth Generation tourist Products, due to its combination of natural scenery and ethnic culture, agriculture and tourism. It can accommodate visitors with small wooden cabins built against the hills. In the Horticultural Hall, people can find hundreds of lowers from Japan,
Green World

Holland and other countries and regions. In the Fruit Trees Garden, there are more than ten kinds of trees, with fruits growing in close clusters all year round. Visitors can enjoy the traditional fine works of pottery and also can experience the pleasure of making pottery with their own hands in the Pottery Hall. In the Jurassic Park, there are extremely lifelike dinosaurs and crocodiles everywhere. In the Butter flies Valley, there are swarms of butterflies fluttering around visitors. The Green World also possesses sites for camping, barbecue, and fishing, and the Folk Arts and Crafts Square. Visitors can get full relaxation and discover nature here.

Fairy Lake Botanical Garden Shenzhen

Fairy Lake Botanical Garden
Situated at Wutong Mountain, Fairy Lake botanical Garden is a scenic botanical garden built mainly to serve tourism purposes while cater to the needs of scientific research and popularization. The garden is made up of five scenic spots: the world in Heaven, the Heavenly Pond, the lake Area, the Temple Area, the Desert Area, and the Pine Trees, Cypresses and Azalea Area. It has garden sites of the Heaven in Cave, the Labyrinth,

the Heavenly Pond, the Lutingxiangdu, the Fairy Ferry, the Jade-belt Bridge, the Joy Valley, the Camping Site,the Longdun Pagoda, the Tingtao Pavilion and the Lansheng Pavilion. It also has botanical gardens of Palm Tree, Bamboo, Desert Plants, Fruit Trees, Water Plants, Gymnosperm, International Sago Cycas Preservation Center, Potted-landscape, and Rare Species Plants. Over 3,000 kinds of plants and the largest fossil forest in the world are kept here. The Palm Tree Garden illustrates the subtropical scenes with lawn sand palm trees. In the Indoor Plants Area, there are species of the Insect catching Grass, and the Dancing Orchid. In the morning, the Green World is solemn with the ringing bells and chanting from the Hongfa Temple; and it is picturesque with rippling waters and reflections of trees and pavilions on the lake.

Known as Oriental Hawaii, Siumuisha lies in Dapeng Bay, the eastern part of Shenzhen. The resort is surrounded by green mountains at three sides and faces the sea, with a beach land in crescent shape. Siumuisha is quiet and exquisite with nice sunshine, beach and waves. The beach is long, open and clean with blue waves and exuberant coconut trees. Visitors can find colorful sun umbrellas on the beach, cruises cleaving on the sea, parachutes in the sky, big waves of Dunzhou Island,
Siumuisha Resort

Siumuisha Resort Shenzhen

barbecue party of thousands of people. The Siumuisha Resort is fascinating and full of vitality. Visitors stay relaxed and joyful here and linger on with no thought of leaving.

Silver Lake Resort Shenzhen

Silver Lake Resort
The Silver Lake Resort is located on Bijia Mountain, the northern suburbs of Shenzhen. It is a resort of gardens and the reception base under the jurisdiction of Shenzhen Reception Office. The resort owns a 3-star hotel. Taking advantage of the landscape, the buildings of Silver Lake Resort learn the scene-making method of Suzhou and Hangzhou 7 courtyard villas in Cantonese style absorb the essence of the most famous 4 Guangdong gardens in Qing Dynasty.

They show ingenuity and have lasting appeals. Roaming about in the resort, visitors will be indulged in the splendid view of pavilions in well-arranged layout, streams and lakes against hills, green trees and magnificent buildings. The night scene of the Silver Lake Resort is famous in Shenzhen. Designed carefully, the lights of the Silver Lake is splendid and fabulous at night, with colorful fountains and the moon in the sky adding more charms to the pavilions, trees and hills.

Xiangmihu Holiday Resort Shenzhen

The Honey Lake (Xiangmihu) Holiday Resort, with deluxe hotels, wide man-made lakes, and first-class water world in Asia with large scale water and land amusement programs exported from foreign countries, is an ideal place for recreation.
The China Amusement City in Xiangmilu Resort is by far the largest amusement place in China. It covers a total area of 1.87 million square kilometers. There are over 30 large-scale water and land recreational automatic machine programs exported from Japan and Italy,
Xiangmihu Holiday Resort

such as the longest Hanging Trains over water, 430 Shuttle Planes, the 46-meter-high Sky Wheel, which is the highest in Asia, the rafts, meteor carts, pirate ships, rotating carts, flying elephants, and octopus. There are also small-scale racing at international level, motorboat racing, Mongolian horseracing, and oddly shaped city bicycles. All these programs are interesting and exciting. Almost 50 Children's recreational programs in the Children's Paradise and over 20 bodybuilding programs in the Youngsters' bodybuilding Camp are popular among children and adolescents. Visitors will be amazed by song and dance dramas staged in modern opera house, which is elegantly designed.

Mission Hill Club Shenzhen

Mission Hill Club
The Mission Hill Golf club in Shenzhen is the largest, the most complete and influential Golf Club of the highest standard in China. The golf club is the only one in China among Officially Recommended 74 World golf Clubs and Hotel Resorts selected by European Golf Association from 1997 to 1998. It was set up from the wilderness of Guanlan Town, Shenzhen.

The four golf courses with 18 holes represent the super golf players of Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo and Massasshi 'Jmbo' Ozaki in America, Europe and Asia respectively. The golf club is the only one in China with 72 holes and it is also the only one recognized by the Committee of World Golf Tournament. It has courses for playing in the evening, and training courses open to the public. It has the 5-star-rated Junhao Hotel, which is the only 5-star hotel in a golf course in China, and the largest tennis center in Asia can also be found here.

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