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 Hangzhou and Jiande City

Hangzhou Hotels

Lingqi cave Consisting of Lingquan, Qingfeng and Aiyun Caves. the scenic area covers an area of 20, 000mq. Each of the three caves has a distinguished feature: the cave of Lingquan is Kingquan is known for its water, the cave of Qingfeng is famous for its breeze and the cave of Aiyun is recognized for its fog.
Address: Tiemaoshan. Shiping Township. Jiande City(175 km from Hangzhou)
Transportation: Bus to Shouchang Towm Jiande City from West Bus Station in Hangzhou, then change to a minibus
Opening Time: 08: 00-17: 00 Tel: 4569230

Zixu's ferry

In the Spring and Autumn Period, Wu Zixu, prime minister of Kingdom Chu crossed the river here in the escape from the assassination by the king of Chu. Hence the name.
Address: East of Meicheng Guzhen, Jiande (140km from Hangzhou)
Transportation: Bus to Meicheng Town from West Bus Station in Hangzhou, then change to a boat.

Hulu(Gourd) Waterfall

The waterfall is located in the Pen Bai Wan on the south bank of Qililong in the Fuchunjiang National Forest Park. On top of the hundred-meter-high cliff sit two adjoining caves--the upper one smaller and the lower one bigger--resembling exacty a gourd.
Address: Pen Bai Wan, Fuchunjiang, Jiande (130km from Hangzhou)
Transportation: Bus to Meicheng Guzhen from West Bus Station in Hangzhou, then change to a boat.

Fuchunjiang National forest park

Covering an area of 8, 364 Address: 72 Shimin Road, hectares, the park is filled with 642 Meicheng Town, Jiande (119km kinds of trees, with a forest rate of from Hangzhou) 85. 4%. It's a forest of sub-tropical Transportation: Accessible by bus evergreen broad-leave trees. ailing at from West Bus Station in Hangzhou Qililong, Gourd Waterfall, Zixu's Ferry 0Z 4145711 and Mulan Garden etc make up the main part of sightseeing.

Ancient town of Meicheng

The old town has a history of over 1700 years dating back to 225 AD in the Three Kingdoms Period. Du Mu and Liu Changqing of the Tang Dynasty, Fan Zhongyan, Lu You of the Song Dynasty and some other famous persons in the history acted as local governors here. Cultural relics to be found in the vicinity are the Temple of Fan Zhongyan, the Ancient Liuhe Well and Newly added tourist attractions are Chen Qing Tower. Jade Spring Temple and Simulated Ancient Street
Address: Meicheng Guzhen, Jiande City(135km from Hangzhou)
Transportation: Accessible by bus from West Bus Station in Hangzhou 12 4141875

Daci Rock

Famed for the Jiangnan Xunkong(Hanging-On-The-Cliff) Temple, steams in the deepˇ˘alleys and No. l Natural Standing Buddha Statue in China, it's a tourist attraction perfectly combining Buddhist culture and beautiful landscapes.
Address: Tancun Township, Jiande City(164 km from Hangzhou)
Transportation: Accessible by bus from West Bus Station in Hangzhou
Opening Time: 08: 00--17: 00 4560228

Sailing at Qililong

It's a traditional tourist activity in the Qililong Scenic Area in the Fuchun River. This section of the river was reputed for its swift rapids and numerous shoals, which caused hard sailings in history. The Yuan Dynasty artist Huang Gongwang once lived here as a hermit for ten years and did the famous painting "Residing in the Mountains at Fuchun". Today, a power plant has been built below Qililong. hence turning the rapids into "peaceful lake.
Address: Near Hulu Waterfall. Jiande Citv(130km from Hanazhoul

Mystic fog on Xin'an River

The temperature difference between the river water and the air causes the formation of the mystic fog. The fog can be heavy as a sea of clouds and light as silk; the more rapid the water flow , the more mystic the fog; the bigger the temperature difference , the more dreamy the fog. The most beautiful scene appears in summer.
Address: Xin'aniia-Town. Jiande City Transportation: Accessible by bus from west bus station in Hangzhou

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